Saturday January 26, 2008

Charge Saturday

a charge to keep


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  1. Elad    Sat Jan 26, 02:56 PM #  

    i just watched that whole Spero video and it was supremely awesome. thanks so much, alesh!

  2. alesh    Sat Jan 26, 04:55 PM #  

    “I’m not a good starter,” and boy is she not. Once she gets going, though, right?!

    I see what it takes now, though; next week: all embedded videos.

  3. Random    Sun Jan 27, 02:37 AM #  

    So, are you endorsing John McCain/dissing Hillary Clinton through your advertisements? Do you have control over that content? I’m curious . . .

  4. Calm Bobby    Sun Jan 27, 05:24 AM #  

    Calm Bobby says hello. Check out the site.

  5. alesh    Sun Jan 27, 09:06 AM #  

    Wow, that IS random. Nope, no control, no intended endorsement.

    Oh, wait, I get it — mention of GWB summoned the specter of McCain. Well shit, if it’s that easy: Cadillac.

  6. mkh    Sun Jan 27, 09:39 AM #  

    All I get is Nordstrom ads.

  7. alesh    Sun Jan 27, 09:50 AM #  

    mkh~ the McCain ad is showing up on the single-article-page for this post. Check it out — scroll ‘on up!

  8. Biscayne Bystander    Sun Jan 27, 10:11 AM #  

    Tough as McCain was when he was a Korean P.O.W. he truly got beaten like a bitch by George W. Bush in 2000. He’s hardly the true conservative Republican he used to be. And I can’t seem to get his birthday photo op out of my head…the one where he’s on an airstrip w/ GWB smiling in front of a large white frosted cake – the EXACT moment hundreds of people were drowning in Louisiana as a result of Katrina…

  9. Guv    Sun Jan 27, 11:16 AM #  

    Re: McCain…

    What alternative do moderate, non-religious-right Republicans have, for the primary?
    Huckabee? Hell no.
    Mitt? Personally, he reminds me of a used car salesman in an expensive suit.
    Rudy? He was a good mayor, and would probably make a good governor, but he is not president material.
    Ron Paul? He is interesting due to his libertarian background, but unfortunately he is also nuts.
    And is Duncan Hunter still in the running? Doesn’t matter.

    Re: Corey Worthington…

    Love it! I had to watch the story twice. C.W. would be a good semi-obscure Halloween costume for someone.

  10. alesh    Sun Jan 27, 11:31 AM #  


    For once in my life, I’d like to have a president that I actually like as a person. The only two candidates that have any shot at winning that I like personally are Obama and McCain. I suspect that Clinton, for instance, would be better for the country then McCain, but I share many of the aversions to her that have been going around. It’s going to be tough. I hope Obama is the next president.


    Exactly. The very “questionable republican credentials” BB cites make McCain appealing to lots and lots of people — the Republican party has some positions that you have to be an asshole to hold, and it’s nice to see McCain at least trying to chip away at them as much as he can.

    CW as a halloween costume is fucking brilliant.

  11. cohen    Sun Jan 27, 01:15 PM #  

    the founders of Fortune magazine owns way to much stock in IBM to be trusted on all apple affairs.

  12. mkh    Sun Jan 27, 03:14 PM #  

    I see it now, Alesh. Oddly, the home page is now giving me all Huckabee text ads.

  13. NicFitKid    Sun Jan 27, 10:48 PM #  

    McCain was a Korean POW? Wow, who knew?

  14. Biscayne Bystander    Mon Jan 28, 07:16 AM #  

    Best two candidates: Ron Paul & Barack Obama. Hopefully people realize that when they vote in tomorrow’s primary.

    Whether you agree with my assessment or not, watch this video from We need to protect the accuracy of our voting system.

  15. Steve    Mon Jan 28, 09:31 AM #  

    I knew iPods and especially iTunes were toxic the moment I started used them. Evidently their exasperating design and function mirror the corporate culture.

  16. San Blogaro    Mon Jan 28, 10:22 AM #  


    I agree with you 100%…that would be the best scenario. And whoever stated that Ron Paul is nuts, basically does not know much about the man and is basically repeating what the mainstream media and his opponents want you to believe. His ideas may in fact be controversial (Getting out of Iraq, getting rid of the IRS and the Federal Reserve and going back to the gold standard…) but he is the only one of those goof ball republicans that speaks his mind and deals out the hard truth. He is also a believer and supporter of our constitution, which many of these neo cons have abandoned.

    I’m an independent, so I can’t vote in the primaries…but I suggest if you are registered, look up Ron Paul’s web site and seek out some of his debates on you tube. You will see what a big difference he is from the rest of the puppets, and the best alternative if the democrats some how screw this election up.

    Obama Vs Ron Paul would be the best outcome.

  17. Guv    Mon Jan 28, 11:56 AM #  

    San Blogaro:

    I am the person who called Ron Paul nuts, based on my independant assessment of him when I attended the debates held at UM, and my review of his policy statements on his campaign website.

    I don’t mean he’s certifiable. I simply mean that some of his platform positions are totally untenable, and it damages his credibility and viability overall.

    I definitely appreciate the fact that he speaks his mind, but maybe holding back his frank opinion on even a few issues would serve him better. Obama deftly plays the “on one hand, on the other hand” card all the time, and it works for him without significantly damaging his credibility.

    Personally, am all for getting out of Iraq, but they way R.P. talks about the issue makes it sound like the moment he’s sworn in, he’s going to be on the horn to the Pentagon to get everyone out immediately. As nice as it sounds (and even if that’s not what he means, exactly), it’s not the reality of what we need to do as a responsible nation who got ourselves entangled in this mess.

    For better or worse, I happen to be a registered Republican, with strong libertarian leanings. If I felt R. Paul was a viable candidate I would vote for the dude.

    As it is, I am more concerned with giving McCain my vote if only so that Romney doesn’t step into first place.

  18. Guv    Mon Jan 28, 12:45 PM #  

    Agreed with Steve that crApple and their evil little pods are the devil’s work. I have one, and rue the day that I selected it in favor of a Zune or iRiver. A more cumbersome and backward program than iTunes does not exist.

  19. San Blogaro    Mon Jan 28, 12:57 PM #  


    I agree. Mit Romney is an empty android
    But McCain is a war mongering flip flop man,
    Huckabee is a P.T Barnum/used car salesman
    And Rudy is oblivious

    In my book, the only choice in the republicans is Ron Paul…and I know deep down inside he doesn’t stand a chance because the neo cons hate ‘em and the media has totally buried him. He his going against the machine and people would rather vote for what they may feel is the safest best rather than to take a chance on a wild card.

    But to set things straight, I don’t believe anyone in Ron Paul’s camp ever said that getting out of Iraq is going to be an easy and fast task, but he is the only Republican candidate who is against the war, admits that the republicans messed up, and seems to have a plan to start getting our people back home… every one else will be picking up where GWB left off (especially McCain…the man who once opposed Bush and the war, but then got slapped around during the 2004 elections by Bush’s cronies, and completely changed his tune and became pals with Dubya)… No thanks!

  20. Guv    Mon Jan 28, 01:34 PM #  

    San Blogaro,

    Do you see any Republican getting elected this go-around? I don’t, but then again I didn’t think that it would happen the last election cycle, either!

    I agree with you to the extent that I hope more Ron Pauls start taking over the Republican party (in the leadership, and the membership of the party).

    The vocal neo-con contingency, favoring censorship and creationism, is an embarrassment.