Tuesday January 22, 2008

A Citizens’ Bill of Rights has been added to the January 29th elections ballot. Here is the question, and here is the ‘Bill’ itself (I think). So it looks like this crappy Herald article is wrong — it’s not “Miami voters,” it’s “Miami-Dade voters” (thanks again, Miami-Dade officials, for making this extra confusing), not an insignificant distinction. What the article does not bother to do is to explain just what consequences this measure might actually have. Update: I’m wrong wrong wrong: the “Bill of Rights” is a City of Miami thing, the County thing is something else.

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  1. Dave    Tue Jan 22, 04:02 PM #  

    It looks like it is only for the City of Miami, not Miami-Dade. Miami Commissioners (who put it on their ballot) would have absolutely no authority to do anything with the County Charter.

  2. Superbee    Tue Jan 22, 04:13 PM #  

    “The Bill Itself,” appears to be the current and standing bill, passed in roughly 1996?

  3. alesh    Tue Jan 22, 04:36 PM #  

    Well, shit — that’s just what I was afraid of. So, does anybody have a link to the proposed language, or any clue of what the fuck is going on here (‘cause the Herald sure doesn’t, and I appear to not be any better)?????

  4. Carlos Miller    Wed Jan 23, 12:15 AM #  

    This is just a big waste of time. The county already passed a similar ordinance so why does the city need to do it?

    Aren’t they in the county?

    Now all the homophobes are going to be up in arms about giving gay people rights, and Sarnoff can come across as a tolerant politician, which does him well in his district.

    But meanwhile, the real issues are going ignored.

  5. Matthew I. Pinzur    Wed Jan 23, 02:14 PM #  

    The Herald article is correct… this is a proposed change to the City of Miami charter, not the Miami-Dade County charter. It’s on the miamidade.gov website because the county elections office runs all local elections, countywide and municipal.

  6. Carlos Miller    Wed Jan 23, 08:08 PM #  


    Now you’ve gone on and pissed off the Herald newsroom.

    Just wait until the next time they write an article about the South Florida blogosphere to see if they call you for an interview.