Monday January 21, 2008

Crazy scene on the Turnpike a couple of weeks ago — a bad accident had traffic tied up so long that almost everyone was out of their cars, a block party of an odd sort.

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  1. R.    Mon Jan 21, 04:35 PM #  

    Oh wow. all the way up to Bird!!! I was driving up from Homestead and hit the wall (of cars) at 152nd. Cars were literally lined right up to the exit ramp. Luckily that was my exit.

  2. Gus    Tue Jan 22, 08:13 AM #  

    Nice picture, Alesh. I like the helicopter in the background. You timed the shot well.

  3. Johnny R.    Tue Jan 22, 11:38 AM #  

    Great pic! This is what an evacuation will look like (much worse of course) if we keep building homes!!

  4. skipvancel    Sat Jan 26, 12:34 PM #  

    WOW! this pic gives Jeff Wall a run for his money and you didn’t even have to spend a gazillion dollars setting it up. On second thought, considering how much tax money went into creating this cluster-fuck, a Jeff Wall seems cheap. Great Pic