Wednesday January 16, 2008

January artwalk

january arthop

Aramis Gutierrez’s sensational painting show at Castillo. Across the street at Gallery Diet, Richard Höglund’s installation had folks scratching their heads. Like a parody of contemporary art, it took a simple geometric shape and threw it at everything — small drawings, big drawings, installation, video, paper stacks — and nothing stuck.

january arthop

Christina Pettersson’s eye-popping drawings of bricks stolen from writer’s homes. This one is Jack Kerouac. It’s unfortunate that these are only ever seen as details — the bricks are drawn life-sized, centered on massive pieces of otherwise-blank paper.

january arthop

One of Steven Gagnon’s car projections in front of Locust, which includes the audio and video of a man describing his illegal entry into the US.

january arthop

Bethany Pelle shows off one of her immaculate little kitchen sculptures. This one comes apart to function as a tea strainer.

Hans van de Bovenkamp

Between two buildings on North Miami Avenue sit five of these huge aluminum 80s-looking palm tree sculptures. I mean, people are wasting their time making stuff like this? With world hunger, war, and disease, and you’re going to make huge palm tree sculptures and finish them off by drawing lines on them with a drill? Wow.

january arthop

Kevin Medal’s at Twenty Twenty. A tour de force of a video created with thousands and thousands of drawings, stop-motion play-doh, and computers. Stunning, and . . .

january arthop

. . . some of the cells are displayed in a tiny space adjacent to the projection room. Click the image above for full-size, and find the image from the still above.

Missed the Jordan Massengale show show at Tachmes, but luckily it will still be up in February.


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  1. fqua    Wed Jan 16, 05:57 PM #  

    Hate it when artists employ lame gimmicks to try to make bad art seem good. Bricks from writers’ homes?

  2. Aramis Gutierrez    Thu Jan 17, 11:04 AM #  

    Thanks for the spot and thanks for coming by.

  3. cohen    Fri Jan 18, 11:58 AM #  

    because they may not be from any writers homes is why i like this idea, of drawing these bricks…. As for Gutierrez paintings ,,,, i think at times there is a great amount of skill in the paintings ,,, but as images {i did go to the show} they lack complexity. What is being said through the image is uninteresting ….Massangale had a painting in it i wanted fuck right on the wall…. and usually dont want to fuck paintings,,, so it was a really great painting

  4. unemployed    Mon Jan 28, 02:59 PM #  

    Hey thanx Cohen…