Thursday January 10, 2008

Orange Bowl souveniers for sale

orange bowl

Get your piece of the Orange Bowl here at the official site, or get them cheaper at the Canes shop. Obviously I don’t care, but the framed vintage seats are nice. There’ll be an auction on February 9th for all the bigger stuff (urinals!), including the scoreboard.

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  1. mr. vainglorious    Thu Jan 10, 09:47 AM #  

    Obviously I don’t care…

    Obviously. So gauche, so pedestrian, such a waste of time.

    Only 315 days until Art Basel, dahling.

  2. Biscayne Bystanders    Thu Jan 10, 01:20 PM #  

    My season ticket seat that I ALMOST walked out with is selling for $169. Wish I had ripped it off then so I wouldn’t be ripped off now buying it…

  3. Carlos Miller    Thu Jan 10, 01:23 PM #  


    Where is it selling? I have one that I walked out with.

  4. Mike Costanzo    Thu Feb 7, 03:14 PM #  

    I am looking for orange bowl seats , there selling just the bottem seat not the back of seat. please call my home number if you get any oryou know someboby that does. thanks .Mike. c 514-4435 (239)