Thursday January 10, 2008

trump plaza

“I always think, why don’t they just slap pictures of their genitalia on there and be done with it? The message would be the same. Sunny Isles Beach is a travesty of overdevelopment. These four men, Jorge Perez in particular, are responsible for turning a sleepy and dilapidated but charming beach town into a glittering canyon of inaccessible glass and steel.” — From Rebecca Wakefield’s brief history of The Related Group.

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  1. Dave    Fri Jan 11, 07:14 AM #  

    You forgot to mention that the RG thugs are also suing the historical society folks in Broward County for their opposition to the monstrosity they want to build there. As to RG forming a hedge fund to buy distressed properties they themselves created, what else would you expect from these bandits? The reality is that they will all probably end up in bankruptcy, just as Trump has several times before, leaving 1000s of lenders and investors hanging out to dry. May they all rot in hell!

  2. Resentful    Fri Jan 11, 08:17 AM #  

    The beach no longer belongs to the public. The placing of inconspicuous signage at the entry of essentially an alleyway between these monstrosities do not make the general public feel welcome. From Haulover beach the view of Sunny Isle looks rediculous. Sunny Isle sold out and what we will be left with are delapidated supersized buildings instead of charming little art deco buildings. For all I care, Donald Trump can go back to New York and leave the beach to people who actually love the beach.

  3. Ms Calabaza    Fri Jan 11, 12:40 PM #  

    Sadly, this is making the beach seem like a third-world country. Only the rich can.

  4. Dave    Fri Jan 11, 02:17 PM #  

    Of course it could also be pointed out that Sunny Isles now has several new parks, new schools coming on line, a free shuttle bus for its residents, free movie nights…etc all paid for with the tax dollars the new buildings generated. Seems the City made out pretty well.

  5. mapache    Sun Jan 13, 02:47 AM #  

    As much as i agree with this post, as an architect in Miami, I tend to disagree with Ms. Calabaza, third world countries do not overpopulate their beaches in the same manner as what these jerks are doing here, i mean I get what you are saying Ms. C, but it just does not apply. Many third world countries that I have visited have more stringent laws and building codes than what we see here. Huge difference. Concerning height restirictions, spacing between lots,occupancy loads, etc… Third world countries want to keep their beaches like a darn beach, they build palapas and two story hotels to enforce this. These ass wipes prob. bought someone (i dunno where) to allow them to build these monsters and kill not only the beach but the views of the beach that sunny isles’ residents had enjoyed for years in a past era of zoning and building codes. Sunny Isles looks like the typical “american” (no pun intended) tourist trap now. As an architect one would think that the views, orientations, locations and ecological as well as comunity-friendly architecture of all of these monsters would have had some influence on the Sunny isles Building department and design comission, but apparently they did not. “Money makes the dog dance” that’s what they say…. sad.

  6. mapache    Sun Jan 13, 02:57 AM #  

    BTW, in those posters the three of them look like you couldn’t trust them as far as you can throw them, I mean would you really buy ANYTHING from that chubby guy with the glasses??? To me he looks like an arms dealer or someone of the sort that did not know how else to do to launder his money.