Thursday January 3, 2008

Miami-Dade has a pathetically small amount of park land, a fact that often gets over looked, because we also have one of the “biggest” national park in the country, Biscayne (which is actually almost completely underwater). Anyway, now there’s an idea to turn undeveloped lots, which will sit vacant until the housing crash subsides, into City of Miami parks. But you read that right — we’re talking about temporary parks. Apparently, adding permanent park land isn’t even worthy of pie-in-the-sky dreaming anymore in this city.



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  1. swampthing    Thu Jan 3, 10:38 AM #  

    Where’s johnny-apple-seed when you need one. Everyone seems to like the new parks guy but it sounds like throwing money at the problem, landowners. When i read ‘passive’ i see true swamp not manicured. but powers prefer ‘landscape contracts’ No condition is permanent.