Thursday January 3, 2008

Here’s the scoop for anyone, like me, who’s passed by Pit Bar-B-Q in the last few months and been dismayed to find it closed: the original owner, Tommy Little, died. The good news is that it’s re-opened: under new ownership, but supposedly with the same cooks and same recipes. This is going to require some investigation.

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  1. Duran    Thu Jan 3, 11:01 AM #  

    That better be the fucking best barbecue ever if you are going basically all the way to the Everglades for it.

  2. I was there    Thu Jan 3, 11:28 AM #  

    Tom Jenkins Barbecue in Fort Lauderdale.
    Nothing else compares!

  3. alesh    Thu Jan 3, 12:06 PM #  


    It’s more of a “make sure you go if you’re in the neighborhood” kind of thing. It’s probably worth the trip, but much sweeter if combined with a trip to the everglades or something.


    That’s the place that often gets cited as giving Pit some competition. I haven’t been yet, so I can’t say.

  4. I was there    Thu Jan 3, 01:11 PM #  

    Stop everything and go get some right NOW!
    The Collard Greens, Baked Beans and Corn Bread get me all hot and bothered just thinking about it!

  5. whl    Thu Jan 3, 02:42 PM #  

    dogma in sobe is closed for good

  6. Duran    Thu Jan 3, 03:41 PM #  

    WHAT????? Dogma is closed? I knew something was wrong when I was there at noon last Saturday and I try to open the doors and I saw it was closed. Tell me the one on Biscayne is safe for now. I love their mint lemonade and turkey dogs.

  7. I was there    Thu Jan 3, 04:40 PM #  

    I ate DOGMA on 125th Street in North Miami today and will never return.

    UGH! a hotdog, some chips and a drink, plus indigestion all for 8 bucks.

    Plus the service was S L O W and indifferent.

  8. mapache    Fri Jan 4, 11:57 AM #  

    That Pit Bar-B-Q was the last of the great ones. I only went there once but it absolutely Rocked. It was well worth the trip to go there for lunch, even in the middle of the swamp. I dont think Dogma is closed, it is still advertised on their website,(Dogma) as open and a new one on North Miami beach opening soon.
    I just wish there was one closer to downtown to go there for lunch.

  9. mapache    Fri Jan 4, 12:07 PM #  

    I was there. Dogma Rocks!!!!! its the best dog place in miami.

  10. I was there    Fri Jan 4, 02:49 PM #  

    hotdogs are hotdogs are hotdogs
    Street carts in Downtown
    No Difference, except that you overpay at Dogma!

  11. tito    Fri Jan 4, 03:38 PM #  

    IWT – If you choose to give Dogma a 2nd try… do try the Burrito Dog – Yum The service at the original is still the best. The Sobe one had very poor service, and most likely the highest rent. So that might explain why it would be the one that closed.

  12. Carlos Miller    Fri Jan 4, 06:37 PM #  

    I was there,

    Hot dogs are not hot dogs. I like Dogma, but I prefer to make my own.

    I buy Hebrew National or Oscar Mayer and broil them in the oven, which is much better than boiling them.

    Sometimes, I cook them Mexican style where I wrap a piece of bacon around it and back it in the oven for 20 minutes, then eat it in a tortilla.

  13. CB    Sat Jan 5, 12:23 AM #  

    Tom Jenkins is probably the best BBQ around.

    Anyone try Franktitude? It’s like a 2nd rate Dogma.

  14. mapache    Sat Jan 5, 10:48 AM #  

    IWT, I agree with tito. you should give it a second try. they are really good, original, plus the chili cheese fries also rock.

  15. AKA    Sat Jan 5, 05:29 PM #  

    Pit Bar-B-Q IS worth the drive.

  16. alesh    Sun Jan 6, 01:38 AM #  

    Dogma is run by litigious bastards, which would make it worth avoiding them even if they weren’t serving a pretensioned-up and overpriced version of trash food.

    I’m with I was there.

  17. Dave    Mon Jan 7, 09:14 AM #  

    Go to Arbetter instead. At least it is what it is…a hot dog stand, not some gussied-up pretensious place. And the chili cheese fries are as sinfully delicious as they are unhealthy!