Friday December 28, 2007

New years eve weekend

new years eve fireworks sort of




NYE Monday

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  1. Steve    Fri Dec 28, 03:01 PM #  

    Your info about Mars is a week old, Galileo. And just for the record, it was completely overcast on 5/23 in south Florida, so the only heavenly body visible was your anus.

  2. alesh    Fri Dec 28, 03:43 PM #  


    You’re correct that the Martian opposition technically was December 24th. However, the viewing event, as far as I can tell, actually is tonight.

    In other words, I was right, and you are wrong.

  3. Bean    Fri Dec 28, 08:10 PM #  

    Hey! We’ll be going to King Mango Strut for the first time Sunday. We need to either get our weekend visitors to come or kick them out the door first thing in the morning so we can get down there. Do you know how fast it gets crazy for parking and spots? I’m from the midwest where parades are big f’ing deals and if you don’t have a place staked out hours (or days!) ahead of time, you’re screwed. What say you? Anyone?

  4. chill    Fri Dec 28, 09:47 PM #  

    hey Alesh,

    I miss the boat parade.

  5. Henry Gomez    Sat Dec 29, 11:11 AM #  

    Herald to outsource certain job functions to India.

  6. Ron    Sun Dec 30, 12:05 PM #  

    Note about Mars:
    Mars is also retrograde (meaning it looks as though it’s moving backwards) until the end of January. What does that mean?
    Actions should be turned inwards, reassessed, and re-evaluated. Feel stuck? Take time to think about how you go about getting what you want. Feel frustrated? Exercise caution- he who loses his temper first loses.

  7. CB    Sun Dec 30, 07:15 PM #  

    I highly recommend hitting Spiegelworld. To quote Cindy Adams of the NY Post -“an off-beat European circus on acid – Do not miss it.”