Thursday December 27, 2007


Um, actually, I’m not sure what that means. But anyway, I made you something for Christmas — a re-shuffled right column, with links to other blogs. I had a whole complicated categorized system, and just simplified it at the last minute, so the whole thing is still pretty rough and in progress. Suggestions welcome.

Also, and this should go without saying: light posting for the rest of the week.


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  1. Rick    Thu Dec 27, 08:39 AM #  

    A blogroll? Who would have thunk it?

    Seriously, good move. The SoFla blogosphere needed one at CM.


  2. Guv    Thu Dec 27, 09:03 AM #  

    I already tend to send people who are new to the area to CM (and formerly SoTP) for some local ejumucation…

    And now the site is a better reference.

  3. Sara    Thu Dec 27, 09:51 AM #  


  4. M    Thu Dec 27, 09:53 AM #  

    Great idea!

  5. R.    Thu Dec 27, 11:27 AM #  

    Merry Christmas indeed!!!

  6. Gus    Thu Dec 27, 12:04 PM #  

    Thank you for the link(s), Alesh!

    I predict Critical Miami will have a big year in 2008 (and after)!

  7. Steve    Thu Dec 27, 03:22 PM #  

    You spelled “blood” wrong.
    And “Link: Politics?” Moi?

  8. ines    Thu Dec 27, 03:46 PM #  

    Thanks for the addition to the blogroll and best wishes for the NEW YEAR! (why hedonistic?)

  9. alesh    Thu Dec 27, 05:12 PM #  

    About the categorization system: I wanted to fit everything into the three categories. Recognizing that there is overlap between “culture” and “hedonistic pursuits,” I had to realize that the hedonistic thing is not really bad, and anything that sounded like it was about having fun went there.

    Klotz is under politics because when his writing is relevant to local issues it’s usually pertaining to politics (lightbulb mode me there!).

  10. Manuel A. Tellechea    Thu Dec 27, 05:51 PM #  


    Congratulations on your new Blogroll! Rick and I could not both be wrong. And thank you, too, for adding RCAB to it.

  11. Steve    Thu Dec 27, 08:34 PM #  

    Re: Categories
    You made an error.

    — Gilbert Ryle

    (a free Guinness to the first to explain this joke)

  12. the machine says, "Boo!"    Fri Dec 28, 08:56 AM #  

    They’re ALL hedonistic pursuits. Or they’re ALL something else. Or whatever…

  13. Steve    Fri Dec 28, 03:53 PM #  

    Reveal yourself, Machine! I owe you a Guinness!!

  14. Johnny R.    Sat Dec 29, 06:06 PM #  

    I been reading up on this website for almost a year now and I love it. It keeps getting better and better. Happy New Year! :)

  15. Wide Lawns    Sun Dec 30, 11:44 PM #  

    I’m heartbroken. I’m not on it. I guess I don’t fit any categories. Oh well, I’ll keep reading you anyway. Happy New Year!

  16. Manola Blablablanik    Sun Jan 6, 11:20 AM #  

    Wide Lawns, no link love for Manola either! I guess Alesh was trying to be practical …

  17. Carlos Miller    Mon Jan 7, 01:52 AM #  

    Well if it makes any difference to Manola and Wide Lawns, I blogrolled you.

    But I guess that’s like being invited to play in the Poinsettia Bowl after being rejected from the Rose Bowl.