Wednesday December 26, 2007

Boyz of Bazel

As requested, the Boyz of Bazel. There were 11×17 glossies of this floating around. Nice work, gentlemen. (via freegums, unless (update) somebody has a link to a larger version of this file??)



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  1. grandma    Thu Dec 27, 05:31 PM #  

    there was also one 7×15 foot mural. keep your eyes open for more

  2. cohen    Sat Dec 29, 12:39 PM #  

    this is stupid

  3. James R.    Sun Dec 30, 09:48 PM #  

    Fucking awesome!

  4. Opalockajocalocka    Mon Dec 31, 08:10 AM #  

    This is only fucking awesome because it soooo fucking stupid, and it’s really not even very stupid.
    Who needs more boyz club bullshit? Basel is a played out over rated flea market and there are better artists shaking their vaginas than pulling their puds in this city!

  5. cohen    Tue Jan 1, 01:33 AM #  

    what a bunch of pussies

  6. alesh    Tue Jan 1, 02:41 AM #  

    Happy new yearz, cohen.

    Are you feeling left out, is that the problem? How could whoever put this together have refused to do whatever it took to raise whatever fee your agent would surely have demanded???

  7. cohen    Wed Jan 2, 10:47 PM #  

    COHEN is involved Alesh…..haha …surprised…? fees are paid, bitch!