Friday December 21, 2007

Pre-xmas tension weekend

gnome xmas

You’re not doint anything this weekend. You’re finishing up your holiday shopping, or, if it’s done, cowering indoors, becasuse everyone else is finishing up theirs. I was out Thursday morning, and the streets and stores were a madhouse. Imagine what Sunday will be like. Ho. Ho. Ho. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And no Christmas “events” here.




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  1. EJ Greaves    Fri Dec 21, 02:07 PM #  

    here’s our BFA website;

  2. HoochiePapas    Fri Dec 21, 07:30 PM #  

    Oooo! Those of you going to the Sweat Records thing oughta buy the Boyz of Bazel cheesecake calendar!! Yow!

  3. grandma    Tue Dec 25, 04:13 AM #  

    oooooof that boyz of bazel calendar is some hot shit