Thursday December 20, 2007

Sites gone from the Miami scene that I’ll miss as much, if not more then SotP: Category 305, Boom or Bust, Miami Vision Blogarama. What the hell is going on here? Update: Celeste responds. Long story short, lots of snafus, but the archives of C-305 will be back up at some point.

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  1. Alex    Thu Dec 20, 05:13 PM #  

    Ditto. All three where in my daily reads. But BoB has not officially closed yet.

  2. Alex Cabrera    Thu Dec 20, 05:34 PM #  

    I’m still getting traffic from BoB for some odd reason. I think I’m on the blog roll, but don’t remember every being actually linked in a post.

    Shame abuot SotP though.

  3. Folas    Thu Dec 20, 08:52 PM #  

    How dense are the owners of category305? They had a website with some of the most original and interesting content yet they fail to heed the advice of its readers about the horrific website design

  4. Miami-Forum    Thu Dec 20, 09:16 PM #  

    At least we know what happened to SOP, Category305 and MVB; but what went wrong with BoB: Miami? I just find it really weird that Xavier would put as much time as he did into BoB and than just abandon it. Plus I sent him an e-mail a while ago and haven’t heard back.

  5. ines    Fri Dec 21, 12:37 AM #  

    I was just commenting the same thing to Gabriel at Transit Miami – is it in the water? who’s next?

  6. alesh    Fri Dec 21, 08:48 AM #  


    I get it… it always had a feel about it of something that wasn’t in equilibrium. But why not leave the site up? Hosting is cheap (hell, I’d host the archives for free for them) — why yank the existing stuff down?

  7. Gus    Fri Dec 21, 09:35 AM #  

    Carlos, you make some excellent points.

    There’s an article at PBS about how journalists and bloggers often fail at startups. It says the failure rate is due to writers thinking they know more than they actually do, and their excitement at being a part of something rather than just writing about it:

    “why yank the existing stuff down?”

    Miami-Forum mentions they’re moving the content over to a new site.

    I guess Category305 has not heard about duplicate content penalties either.

    I will miss them along with all the other sites that have recently left the scene.

  8. Folas    Fri Dec 21, 10:06 AM #  

    BOB most likely lost its drive after being outpaced by its lowbrow cousin whose author, I suspect, fills up the website with fictitious comments to give the impression of higher readership

  9. Celeste    Fri Dec 21, 12:09 PM #  

    Thanks for the kind words for c305 all around.

    Hopefully we weren’t quite as clueless on the business end as Carlos paints us — but finding investors/advertisers was a bit tougher than it would have been had we gotten up to speed before the subprime bust. We had nibbles, but no bites.

    Also, we had some spikes in traffic that forced us into an expensive dedicated, managed server. Not the most expensive, though, so the service was subpar and we were down a lot (nb: stay away from I had a contract pending with the best host, Rackspace, and planned to put the redesigned site there. But the redesign lagged for reasons beyond our control, and as the economic picture got worse, it made less sense to invest in the upgrade and the move.

    And because the original site was built with joomla, which as everyone reminded us, sucks too, I didn’t want to shell out the bucks it was going to cost to move the sorry joomla site over to a cheaper host. Double the Vote was a custom site we could move instantly to a cheap host, so we did.

    Anyway, we’re rolling with MOLI now, so we’ll be moving old stuff — and more important generating new stuff — over there. Hope you’ll keep in touch.

  10. Folas    Fri Dec 21, 01:12 PM #  

    It seems like you are putting the carriage before the horse. Most internet success stories have humble beginnings. Why not start with a simple, low cost website and then ramp it up as you see fit?

  11. alesh    Fri Dec 21, 01:40 PM #  


    The problem with a publishing site is that your need SOME sort of content management system before you can do anything, and since migrating from one CMS to another is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a massive pain in the butt, with almost always some content getting mangled or lost in the process, it’s pretty important to choose wisely at the onset.

    A simpler implementation of Joomla (or, as most now realize, something else) would have been nice, but remember what C-305 was like when it launched — they were bent on world domination, with multiple URL’s, radio spots, and a crazy video art piece involving a bulldozer.

    I wouldn’t blame them for being too ambitious. I just think they got some bad technical advice early on, and didn’t have the financial resources to switch once they realized.

    It’s all a bummer.

  12. Biscayne Bystander    Mon Dec 24, 11:51 AM #  

    Shame to hear c305 is no more. However if what they needed were business minded people generating revenue for their web traffic, seems they should have picked from the same tree as their editorial staff.

    Hopefully they’ll look to employ a better (or even initial) business plan with their next endeavor. Was a big fan of c305 and Rebecca’s work. Hope they stick around a little longer next time…

    Best of luck.