Tuesday December 18, 2007

Sweat Records re-opening, plus Rachel Goodrich

Sweat Records Miami opening

I’ve been sitting on these photos for a couple of weeks, waiting for an opportunity to post them. The short version: The new Sweat record store (/coffee bar!) is impressive, with fully-stocked bins and empty-canvas walls, and the evening was lots of fun.

Sweat Records Miami opening

DJ Of The Future, Hottpants spins at the store. This is my second photo of Daniel that for some reason doesn’t include his face — to be remedied ASAP I promise!

Sweat Records Miami opening

Omar Sommereyns (right) shows off his baby, Map Magazine to Jesse Jackson. And attention: it really is very impressive. Please to direct your eyeballs and advertising dollars their way.

Sweat Records Miami opening

Here we go. So, count me forever among the hordes of Rachel Goodrich devotees. One nice thing about having 3751 MySpace friends is that when you play a show, the people that pack your house have an undeniable affection for you. Rachel returns that affection, and was as exited about her crowd as they were about her. Her songs are great, and her performance was homespun and rollicking. Typical between-song banter: “We’re going to fuck this next song up, but that’s okay, because you guys are drunk, right?!” Also, the kid seen holding the kazoo for Rachel in this picture was great. Perhaps a younger brother that got dragged along to help, he was perfectly bored-looking and reluctantly, eye-rollingly supportive throughout. Great bass player, too.

Sweat Records Miami opening

After a big autoharp number (“Can somebody run out to my car and get my autoharp?” (which actually happened)), Rachel closed with a sweet song on ukulele. Note the semi-audience, semi-crew guy holding her microphone. There were lots of these folks at the show, sort of like a living-room performance.

Sweat Records Miami opening

The Jacuzzi Boys, sort of a Velvets-influenced thing, but with stuffed birds, only good. Really. Going on tour in January, I see. Send us a postcard, gang.

Update: Article in the Herald.

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  1. tito    Tue Dec 18, 10:12 AM #  

    Jucuzzi boys played a great show with the Electric Bunnies at Dorsch Gallery a while back and they rocked the back patio! Sorry I missed Rachael!

  2. Blingtown    Tue Dec 18, 12:39 PM #  

    Worth mentioning that the fellow standing next to Omar Sommereyns is crooner-songwriter, Jesse James. Not to schill, but he puts on a great show every Tuesday at Ammendment 21. Sort of a Tom Waits/Morphine/Alt. Country vibe with lots of different people sitting in. One constant is a fantastic drummer with occasional supplemental bass provided by Tuba!

  3. alesh    Tue Dec 18, 12:50 PM #  

    Thanks Blingtown. I probably should have known that. Updating the post…

    I saw James performing with the Nervous City Orchestra and he was, indeed, great. Have yet to catch him solo.

  4. Superbee    Tue Dec 18, 03:22 PM #  

    I’m so happy for Lolo and her new venture. Also, M.A.P. magazine gets my hearty endorsement. Glossy pages full of people I know and like. And Victor did a great job with the cover.

  5. gina!    Tue Dec 18, 10:07 PM #  

    cherry impact! in the lower right hand corner on the jacuzzi picture
    also 1/2 of haha help!
    and my personal male model

  6. tito    Wed Dec 19, 02:00 PM #  

    Jesse Plays Amendment 21 every Tuesday night. I went last night and it was the first time I had seen him in over 8 months, and he rocked the house. I will have to ask him where he is playing since the next Tuesdays fall on Christmas and New Years.

  7. Lolo    Thu Dec 20, 12:43 PM #  

    Hey folks, thanks for all the kind words! Btw it’s Jesse JACKSON, not Jesse James. myspace.com/jessejackson is his page. And yes, that’s his real name…

  8. alesh    Thu Dec 20, 03:36 PM #  

    Well, that’s embarrassing, esp considering it’s hardly my first time mentioning Jackson. Also explains why I had trouble finding his MySpace (link now added).

  9. alesh    Thu Dec 20, 04:25 PM #  

    Article in the Herald.