Monday December 17, 2007

Can’t say I’ve ever given a thought to the plastic-wrapped plates of food that most restaurants on Lincoln Road display for would-be diners. Looks like the Miami Beach Commission has noticed, though, and decided to outlaw the practice on the grounds that it’s déclassé.

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  1. vicequeenmaria    Mon Dec 17, 05:28 PM #  

    Finally! Are you kidding, Alesh? It’s an embarrasment to locals. I’m so glad. Not just Lincoln but Ocean as well.

  2. whl    Mon Dec 17, 07:35 PM #  

    i find it tacky as well…however, the commissioners should be focused on bigger issues…

  3. Folas    Mon Dec 17, 09:06 PM #  

    bigger issues? Like what, poverty and world hunger?

  4. l'elk!    Tue Dec 18, 11:04 AM #  

    i suppose, yes, the plastic wrapped food is tacky but i never gave it a second thought. most likely because the tackiness of the rest of lincoln road out-weighted my concentration on a few plates of food. :)

  5. adam    Tue Dec 18, 11:47 AM #  

    the last time I ate at a place with plastic wrap food I paid too much and got food poisoning. We need to keep this indicator of crappy quality so that I can avoid these places in the future.

  6. Terry    Tue Dec 18, 02:18 PM #  

    I agree with adam, except that I’ve never eaten at one, and never gotten food poisoning from doing it. I just see gross, think gross, and eat somewhere else.

    It’s amazing to me that the restaurants that do this are able to stay in business. Aren’t free market economics supposed to present things like this from even coming up?

  7. alesh    Tue Dec 18, 02:48 PM #  

    That’s what I was thinking. I find them gross, too, but the libertarian in me thinks, “what fucking business does the government have outlawing this?”

  8. L2M    Tue Dec 18, 04:43 PM #  

    I find the Gap on Lincoln and Wet Willie’s on Ocean tacky, why doesn’t the City Commission close them down? I’d love to see some of these Commisioners’ houses, I’m sure they’re chock full of tacky. I’ve never heard of a law being passed because of tackiness. Not because of health reasons or safety reasons, but tackiness. As much as I hate seeing these plastic-wrapped monstrosities, I hope the restaurant owners fight this. It’s a form of censorship.

  9. circuitmouse    Wed Dec 19, 07:57 PM #  

    I guess I’m not the only one with a wish list of what the next hurricane will take out. Problem is, you can’t predict what’ll come next.

    In Japan, restaurants presenting plastic models of food for passers-by is a high art. It’s kinda kitschy, but cute. They get very serious, too, about presenting it in a fashion which indicates the quality one might come to expect.

  10. dreaming    Thu Dec 20, 12:30 PM #  

    the herald says none of these restaurants hawk their food. huh?
    you cant walk lincoln road w/o being accosted every two feet by young women offering to read their menus for you, as if you are illiterate.

    actually, i never minded the plastic food. and carnevale is actually one of the better joints there.

    i think it wd class up lincoln road a lot more if the city got rid of all the homeless who hang out there every day, especially on the oval grass in front of nexxt cafe. ick. talk about disgusting.

  11. alesh    Thu Dec 20, 01:29 PM #  

    I love little models of anything. I think you can still go to the camping section at target and see little scale-models of all the tents for sale… somebody steal these and photograph them with Barbie dolls or something.

    As for lincoln road, I think they should prepare the dish and cover it, plate and everything, in a few layers of polyurethane. You could mount the plates on the wall that way, and nobody could complain. Classy, beautiful, collector-item-creating, and non-wasteful, as you use one plate of food for the rest of the world, instead of one per day. Wow, I should apply for a patent.