Friday December 14, 2007

Kreamy 'Lectric Santa weekend

Kreamy 'Lectric Santa




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  1. Chris    Fri Dec 14, 11:01 AM #  

    I highly recommend the Pablo Cano show. It was a highlight of Art Basel.

    And I just saw that the Roadhouse show has open bar, not bad for 20 bucks presale.

  2. Gus    Fri Dec 14, 11:02 AM #  

    Symphonic music of Led Zeppelin sounds fun to me. Mind you, I’m bringing a bag of shrooms and a super hot rocker chick. Just kidding.

    I followed the link you posted and listened to two tracks — they sound pretty good.

    Then again, I love Led Zeppelin, and would even get excited to see a tribute band play.

    My favorite song is “Going to California”. What’s you favorite song, Alesh?

  3. alesh    Fri Dec 14, 11:53 AM #  

    Chris~ I guess open bar can be good. I’m mistrustful, though — what are they offering?


    I’d RATHER see a decent tribute band. I had a Pink Floyd symphonic CD as a kid and I thought it was pretty cool — i shudder at the thought now.

    If I felt like I needed more Led Zep in my life (which I don’t) I’d buy some of those recently released live CD’s and play them loud. Favorites: ‘when the levee breaks,’ and the moment when the fast part kicks in on ‘thank you,’ but honestly, I don’t listen to much cock rock anymore…

  4. Gus    Sat Dec 15, 08:42 AM #  

    Hi, Carlos. They don’t get more blusey than that tune!

    I don’t listen much either, but whenever they come on the radio, I NEVER change the station.

  5. Henry Gomez    Sun Dec 16, 11:37 PM #  

    sotp is dead. at least until rick gets the itch again. he always come back as tom dick or harry and nobody would be the wiser