Thursday December 13, 2007

On Miami Beach, hybrids will soon have designated spaces in some parking lots, and 25% discounts on parking fees.

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  1. Duran    Thu Dec 13, 08:27 AM #  

    I already commented on the Herald, but I guess I’ll say it again: If Miami Beach is serious about going green then they should allow the county to extend the Metrorail to the beach. This for all that its worth is just a PR stunt. Congestion still exists whether you have a hybrid or not.

  2. DJ_Kremlin    Thu Dec 13, 09:20 AM #  

    Duran is absolutely right. Metrorail or a trolley that connects the metrorail to the beach, whatever, just some sort of electric rail would be great!

    As far as offering discounts and designating special spots for hybrids, well, it’s a good start!

  3. anon    Thu Dec 13, 10:17 AM #  

    i’m a mom in a prius with a limp!
    i think i’ll just park horizontally and take up 3 spots now!

  4. Adam    Thu Dec 13, 11:03 AM #  

    Hybrid parking spots?! Just in time for my 20mpg hybrid SUV to have rolled off the assembly lines!

  5. l'elk!    Thu Dec 13, 12:43 PM #  

    what about designated parking spaces and 25% discounts for people with old beat up cars who would buy a hybrid if they could afford to get a new vehicle? :)

  6. wynwooder    Thu Dec 13, 05:11 PM #  

    yes… preferential parking for all of the 5 hybrids currently on the streets. sounds like a good idea. i say don’t accommodate parking for a select few and better provide alternative mass transportation methods.