Wednesday December 5, 2007

Everglades anniversary


Everglades National Park celebrates its 60th anniversary tomorrow. As we pointed out a couple of weeks ago, the restoration of the park is in serious turmoil, and the latest is that the Army Corps of Engineers are trying all sorts of tactics to get elected officials to pony up the necessary money.

There is a lesson here about green accounting, and the true cost of the choices that we make as a society. Unfortunately we are not yet at a point of looking realistically at this stuff. Alas, our choices now are to bite the bullet or to let the wilting of the ‘glades continue (I’m looking at you, piss-on-the-UDB Miami-Dade commission). I hope we choose right and make Marjory proud. Anywho, I stopped by last weekend and got this photo.

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  1. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal    Wed Dec 5, 11:06 AM #  

    On the plus side, Mayor Alvarez deflected some of the commission’s “piss” back onto themselves today by vetoing their UDB recommendations…

    “The County Commission could try to override the veto at its Dec. 18 meeting, but one of the five opponents would need to change sides in order to reach the two-thirds margin. The five no votes were Carlos Gimenez, Sally Heyman, Dennis Moss, Katy Sorenson and Rebeca Sosa.”