Tuesday December 4, 2007

Art Basel the links

Installing something impressive in the Botanical Gardens across from the Convention Center.

OK folks, you know the drill. I’ll be delivering coverage from the show all week, more comprehensive information, and sometime Thursday or Friday, the “Art Basel guide for normal people.” For now, let’s get started with some links, of to which I will be adding later:


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  1. Stephanie Wilson    Tue Dec 4, 12:03 PM #  

    Haute Living has a lot of useful info on Basel, including an in depth interview with Sam Keller. Feel free to add the link to your list:


  2. Blingtown    Tue Dec 4, 04:41 PM #  

    Might want to check this one too:

    This is by Linda Lee, formerly of InsideOut & formerly of NYTimes.

  3. iron    Sat Dec 8, 01:34 AM #  

    Art Basel a collection of garbage. How disappointing. Is everyone out of their minds? Is this what they call art?