Monday December 3, 2007

MAM building Herzog and De Meuron

Here’s the model of the new Herzog and De Meuron Miami Art Museum building. Not pictured: some of the vertical columns are hanging vegetation. Looks spectacular, although I didn’t make it to the museum this weekend to see for myself.

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  1. decoveg    Mon Dec 3, 01:15 PM #  

    Wow I love it!

  2. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal    Mon Dec 3, 01:15 PM #  

    I’ll be there in the next couple of weeks to check out the exhibition for myself…

  3. C L Jahn    Mon Dec 3, 01:36 PM #  

    To me, it STILL looks like a pile of crates under a set of tarps. The more I see, the less impressed I am. But then, I am not a fan of this kind of architecture. It might be the greatest example of it, and I still won’t like it. Feh.

  4. Scott    Mon Dec 3, 04:55 PM #  

    Very, very cool. I like that.

  5. Peter    Tue Dec 4, 04:19 PM #  

    But will a hurricane blow it into the bay?

  6. Blingtown    Tue Dec 4, 04:35 PM #  

    I confess, I am working on this project now. Could not be happier about it either. The architects have done an exceptional job of taking local climate into consideration. While it looks like different boxes, it is really one big volume with a giant porch around it. Also, H&dM have the premier engineering firm in the world to make sure it doesn’t blow into the bay. (Now, the bay coming into the museum may be a different matter…)

  7. mapache    Tue Dec 4, 08:33 PM #  

    Herzog and De Meuron are really great architects. The architecture thay have done all over the world is very impressive. There is a building in Switzerland that is just a train station control tower and the geometrical form just a cube. But with just the opening of the louvers being opened in progression from bottom to top they add this movement and this pattern that breaks with the symetry and dullness of just a cube. I think they will do a great job with the new MAM.