Friday November 30, 2007

New sweat weekend

Sweat marquee




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  1. duran duran duran    Fri Nov 30, 11:47 AM #  

    Dorsch Gallery is opening its Basel Show on Saturday, so swing by after MAM.

  2. kingofrance    Fri Nov 30, 02:44 PM #  

    library book sale weekend @ main library

  3. Run-On-Sentence Man    Fri Nov 30, 03:06 PM #  

    you forgot a really cool performance of avant gaurde classical music at the Lincoln Theatre …only 10 bucks…

    Iannis Xenakis’ Persephassa, Alejandro Viñao’s Estudios de Frontera, and George Antheil’s Ballet mécanique….
    it is connected with that wolfsonian thing you mentioned on saturday…“Ballet mécanique: at the Wolfsonian. “

  4. miaedu    Sat Dec 1, 01:56 AM #  

    maybe when mam moves i’ll consider purchasing a membership.
    free sundays work for me right now.

  5. alesh    Sat Dec 1, 08:30 AM #  

    Catch: free sundays = OVER.

    That’s part of the (admittedly brilliant) strategy: kill the free days (Except for the second saturday, which is overrun I assume, with actual families, as in hordes of little kids), increase the ticket prices, and push membership like crazy (keeping THAT the same price, which is IMO the real masterstroke part of the scheme).

  6. Steve    Sun Dec 2, 11:02 PM #  

    Your Filmore link failed. I went to the concert anyway. (And AussieFloyd has its own website.) Excellent show if you like Pink Floyd (and who doesn’t?).

  7. alesh    Mon Dec 3, 08:52 AM #  

    Yes . . . the “Australian Pink Floyd.” I love that. As opposed, I suppose, to “English Pink Floyd,” which I hear is also pretty good. They’re very similar, right?

  8. Steve    Mon Dec 3, 09:00 AM #  

    Very similar indeed. Song for song, note for note. Even the lights and other visuals. Even without massive infusion of psychotropic substances (except tequila).