Friday November 30, 2007

The tropical depressions live satellite map has been retired as per due to because of the end of hurricane season. See you next year, map! On a personal note, with the notable exception of Dean, the season was a bit of a let-down. Here’s to a more exiting season next year. (And more rainfall.)

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  1. R.    Fri Nov 30, 01:10 PM #  

    and by let down you mean how the lack of a substantial threat from a hurricane this season points toward an eminent cataclysm of the Earth’s environment, right?

  2. Alex    Fri Nov 30, 06:01 PM #  

    By exciting you mean a few dead people and billions in losses?

  3. alesh    Fri Nov 30, 08:51 PM #  

    You guys are right to be so serious. I have Momentous Charlatan Powers, and the heavens pay careful heed to my beckons.

    Beware, lest I have ye stricken down!

  4. Honza    Fri Nov 30, 10:34 PM #  


    Be a pal and use that MCP to send some rain to north Florida. My lawn is dying and I’m too lazy to water it. Also, the car needs to get rinsed off…


  5. anon    Sat Dec 1, 08:56 AM #  

    That Alex is like a pimple you can’t pop.

  6. wynwooder    Sat Dec 1, 09:23 AM #  

    i like to think that i didn’t put my shutters up for no reason. surely a surprise cat 3 hurricane will drop by just in time for new year’s eve. after all, we can’t forget global warming!

  7. Alex    Sat Dec 1, 03:10 PM #  

    Don’t take you seriously, you mean. Good point.

  8. alesh    Sun Dec 2, 02:22 PM #  

    Right. I hope you never take me as seriously as you’re taking yourself.

  9. hmmp    Sun Dec 2, 04:50 PM #  

    With no hurricane parties this summer, guess I’m going to have to eat these 15 cans of tuna and 5 jugs of Parmalat by myself.

  10. Tom    Sun Dec 2, 08:35 PM #  

    Let’s hope another 100 hurricane seasons just like the past one. With your disappointment in this year, you sound like a generator salesman. :(

  11. Darren    Mon Dec 3, 09:17 AM #  

    A little rain would be nice.