Monday November 26, 2007

I cannot possibly explain to you how much I am hating this Monday. Update: And that was fucking before i lost my fucking cell phone somewhere on the street. Fuck the fucking fuck. Once there was a very ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everybody died. The End. Update: Believe it or not, I retraced my steps the next morning, and found my phone in the grass, a few inches from the pavement, on a street in Hollywood. A bit the worse for getting morning-dewed on, but fully working. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord. Y’all may please to resume blowing my shit up, 305.532.2587. Also: the SNPA is far from my dessert-island beer, but I can dig the flowery character once in awhile. A full discussion of beer is beyond the scope of this update.

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  1. b.a.c.    Mon Nov 26, 05:11 PM #  

    good selection in ale

  2. Darren    Mon Nov 26, 10:34 PM #  

    I second that motion.

  3. alesh    Tue Nov 27, 02:12 AM #  

    I have become such a beer snob of late it’s just gross. At publix, this 12-pack was almost $17, and honestly it’s good beer, but just so-so.

    Forget Barnes & Noble — what midtown needs is a Total Wine.

  4. Steve    Tue Nov 27, 09:07 AM #  

    I’m not a big fan of pale ales generally, and S-N is average at best. The one domestic I favor is Red Hook. Does Bass count? Happy Tuesday.

  5. dreaming    Tue Nov 27, 10:28 AM #  

    i love s-n. but try acme ipa. it’s even better. if you love bitter hoppy beer, and obviously, you do. the bitterness is great when you lose your cell, fyi.

  6. l'elk!    Tue Nov 27, 12:07 PM #  

    hmmm… do you do home deliveries?

  7. Scott    Tue Nov 27, 06:09 PM #  


    Seriously sorry for the misery you had to endure, but holy hell your update is hilarious.

  8. C L Jahn    Tue Nov 27, 09:57 PM #  

    This reminds me; I need to get a basket for my bike so I can shop. I can’t use my car anymore BECAUSE SOME BASTID STOLE IT.

    oh, sorry about your cel thingie. Bummer, eh?

  9. alesh    Tue Nov 27, 10:15 PM #  

    CL~ Handlebar baskets are for girls. Get a rear rack, and maybe a huge bag, and some bungee chords. If you really want to go nuts, get some of these. Baskets are for small dogs and large bouquets of flowers. (Unless you are this guy, in which case more power to you.)