Thursday November 22, 2007

Appyhay urkeytay ayday

Hey y’all! I’m about to tear into some turkey, but I thought maybe some of you would enjoy some light Thanksgiving Day reading. How about this: Locals, exhiles, and cosmopolitans: a theoretical artument about identity and place in Miami [PDF]. Get back to me if you have any idea what it all means.


Recent theoretical advances point to the dynamic and plural nature of processes of identity formation. Moreover, the ascendance of the globalisation paradigm implies a greater emphasis on their geographical dimension in terms of place and mobility. Illustrated with the case of Miami, this paper presents a theoretical argument about place, mobility and identity in contemporary global cities. The need to go beyond conventional and singular categories of identity is argued, with special reference to the impact of rapid increases in spatial mobility. In this paper, the role of Miami’s different populations is framed in the context of their geographical identities and the ways they identify with Miami as locals, exiles and cosmopolitans. The high mobility of Miami’s population and the small number of locals pose some major challenges, with implications for this city’s civil society. The case of Miami also sheds a different, and less idealistic, light on the meaning of cosmopolitanism.

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  1. Steve    Fri Nov 23, 09:17 AM #  

    It means: While there are differences among people in a given community, there are also similarities.

    It means: I have to compose a thesis to finish my degree, and because nobody has addressed this or will read it afterwards, here it is.

    It means: As a matter of academic style, obscurity and verbosity trump clarity and brevity, and enhance the odds of winning approval from the thesis advisory committee.

  2. markc    Mon Nov 26, 01:54 AM #  

    This sounds like the old “last one out takes the flag” edit that we joked about in the 80’s,some of us stayed and there are flags they wont let us use anymore. But if some one tattoos a ‘rising sun’ or on a tee shirt,most think it
    a pretty design. Cosmopolitanism is compromised by
    one thing only…ignorance. Uneducated pretenders are numerous enough to be considered a dynamic of pluralism. I guess you dont get the grade by just saying a spade is a spade is a spade…