Monday November 19, 2007

Bigups to William Cordova, Bert Rodriguez, and Adler Guerrier aka Dig, who are to will be part of the Whitney Biennial next year. (And down with banal mockery.)



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  1. Franklin    Mon Nov 19, 11:50 AM #  

    Banal art deserves nothing more.

  2. Run-On-Sentence Man    Mon Nov 19, 01:11 PM #  

    Smells like envy with a dash of spite.

  3. Franklin    Mon Nov 19, 02:15 PM #  

    Right, I’m walking away. If the art wasn’t so bad it wouldn’t be necessary to resort to ad hominems to defend it.

  4. Cordoba    Mon Nov 19, 02:24 PM #  

    I have to agree with Mr. Einspruch.

  5. alesh    Mon Nov 19, 02:34 PM #  

    Dude . . . you amended your usual “my shit is better then their shit” with “their shit is so easy my girlfriend could do better without trying” and you’re upset about “ad hominems [sic]”?

  6. Franklin    Mon Nov 19, 02:48 PM #  

    I don’t see a problem with the way I’m using the term “ad hominems,” but I do see a problem with “who are to will be part,” if it has come to that.

    Point out anywhere I argued that “my shit is better then [sic] their shit.” If that’s “usual,” it should be easy enough to find an example.

  7. alesh    Mon Nov 19, 02:57 PM #  

    I concede that my grammar is the worst of all. Firefox spellcheck just happened to flag the hominems, and so I looked it up and it turns out to be an adjective, so unpluralable.

    FWIW, the yuck-yuck joke that Supergirl is going to make nihilistic crap, just like these people, or whatever, has in it the commonsense implication that your shit is better then their shit. Much, much better. Almost not in the same realm, really?

  8. Franklin    Mon Nov 19, 03:40 PM #  

    …your shit is better then their shit. Much, much better. Almost not in the same realm, really?

    Well, if you insist.

  9. Steve    Mon Nov 19, 08:14 PM #  

    sic sic sic (sic)

  10. Mr.Zzzz    Tue Nov 20, 10:01 AM #  

    Wow, I just read the artblog. The bloggers seem very proud of themselves for beating up some guy that stood up to their insults. I have never read so much fluff and pseudo intellectual dribble in all my life. It’s a shame that a miami artblog has to be so negative. I think we have found the neo cons of the art world.

  11. Franklin    Tue Nov 20, 11:02 AM #  

    Actually, the guy who “stood up to [our] insults” accused us of jealousy, “Travis Bickle obsessive compulsive freakishness,” and told me to “strap on your silly beret pick up your palette and brush and paint a bowl of fruit,” which, again, is apparently the only way to defend art this bad. As it happens, I’m in California. I lived in Miami for a long time, hence the readership. I left for reasons I won’t go into here, but they aren’t flattering to the city’s intellectual life.

    The neocon comment is interesting. Whose viewpoint has the support of government-sponsored institutions? Who responds to criticism by attacking the critic’s character and intelligence? Who equates dissent with the worst possible motives? If you don’t like the neocon playbook, don’t use it.

  12. Everyone is a Fashion Victim    Tue Nov 20, 11:25 AM #  

    Actually Franklin, another blogger “Just Wondering” was the one who stated you have a Travis Bickle obsession. I (Victim) merely responded to the insult you threw towards Bert’s audience… so as to answer your question, you and your cronies did indeed responded to criticism by attacking the critic’s character and intelligence…hence, Mr.Zzz’s very astute Neo con reference. It is not my fault if you can’t keep track on the people that are responding or reacting negatively to your opinions.

  13. Franklin    Tue Nov 20, 11:40 AM #  

    Actually Franklin, another blogger “Just Wondering” was the one who stated you have a Travis Bickle obsession. I (Victim) merely responded to the insult you threw towards Bert’s audience.

    I never said otherwise, hence the rest of your comment is null. I’ll keep saying it: if the work were better, its defenders would have better options than attacking its critics. It’s not, and they don’t, as they keep demonstrating.

  14. Everyone is a Fashion Victim    Tue Nov 20, 12:29 PM #  

    I was not defending Bert’s work, I was defending the people you insulted…but since you seem to have failed reading comprehension and you suffer from short term memory loss, all is forgiven. No need to say you are sorry.

  15. Franklin    Tue Nov 20, 12:48 PM #  

    You did not defend anyone I supposedly insulted except with the last two sentences in comment #50 at the thread linked above.

  16. Everyone is a Fashion Victim    Tue Nov 20, 01:07 PM #  

    As I stated, reading comprehension is not your strongest skill. You failed to mention comments 39, 43, the majority of 50, and 61 at the thread linked above. Spin it all you want, paly.

  17. Franklin    Tue Nov 20, 02:20 PM #  

    You’re mistaken on everyone one of those instances, but remediating your argumentation skills on is beyond the scope of Critical Miami. If you’d like to discuss this further, you’re welcome to contact me via my website, assuming of course that you possess the courage to sign your real name to your opinions. Apologies to Alesh.

  18. Franklin    Tue Nov 20, 02:28 PM #  

    “every one”

  19. Everyone is a Fashion Victim    Tue Nov 20, 03:44 PM #  

    Frankie, you did say this …right?

    “Anybody who thinks his work is good marks himself as an easily amused art-world fashion victim.”

    And the following are excerpts of my comments, right?

    39. “There is a big difference between criticism and talkin’ crap. Art should be criticized…it is supposed to ignite a reaction… but talkin’ crap about the audience who enjoy these pieces is puerile and smells like player hatin’. I doubt you have persuaded anyone with your critique to look at things in a different light and at the same time you have managed to alienate yourselves from an audience that might have found your work or blog interesting.”

    43.“Attacking and criticizing art is welcomed…but thinking you’re opinion is far superior to anyone else and branding an audience who truly appreciates a certain type of art “fashion victims,” is truly foolish. But hey, that is my opinion….I’m just a lemming and I’m not suppose to understand this great complex thing known as art.”

    50.“I’m glad these folks made it to the Whitney, especially Bert. The kid was born and raised in Miami. I’m personally not a fan, but I appreciate his smartass art and it is obviously pushing buttons…so it is OK if you hate his work….but attacking an audience because they like his work on the other hand is BS and quite shallow. It is also faulty logic to assume that if someone appreciates Bert’s art they must have no taste or have little understanding of art. There is no factual evidence to back it up….hence, your opinion holds no weight”

    61”…for the record, you guys threw the first stone and I threw it back. If you don’t think that insulting a group of people is the same as insulting an individual…well then, that is where the malfunction begins.
    My bad for being reactionary and feeling insulted. How insensitive of me. No worries, I will never return to your club house, again… My taste is obviously too low brow for the purveyors of good taste.”

    So in what way am I mistaken?
    Thanks for the invite, Franklin, but I will no longer argue with someone who spins things as fast as fox news.

  20. Wondering again    Tue Nov 20, 03:46 PM #  

    Franklin, its nice to see how you’ve left Miami and moved on.

  21. Franklin    Tue Nov 20, 03:49 PM #  

    What part of “contact me via my website” are you having trouble understanding here?

  22. cohen    Tue Nov 20, 11:09 PM #  

    all of this because these artist are going to show at the Whitney Biannual,,,,, Kind of crazy how showing work in large building in NYC can make some that aren’t in that same building kick and scream….. please at least write something that actually criticizes the work….

  23. cohen    Tue Nov 20, 11:21 PM #  

    and please go see “No counrty for old men” Its the real thing

  24.    Wed Nov 21, 12:45 AM #  

    [comment deleted]

  25. cohen    Wed Nov 21, 12:48 AM #  


  26. mkh    Wed Nov 21, 08:18 AM #  

    I’m sorry, but I’m lost. Is this the Art Basel Miami comment warm-up thread?

  27. alesh    Wed Nov 21, 09:26 AM #  

    I think what happened is that a ember from a hot thread over at artblog jumped over here and started a secondary flame.

  28. Wondering again    Wed Nov 21, 11:20 AM #  

    Someone needs to keep Franklin on this lease over at artblog. He should either curb his comments or use a paper bag and scoop them up after he’s done.

  29. Everyone is a Fashion Victim    Wed Nov 21, 01:10 PM #  

    Just Wondering aka Wondering Again,

    It seems you have something personal with Franklin. I want to make it clear that my gripe had nothing to do with your vendetta. I’m not into mixing beef…or joining forces. I can fight my own battles and it appears that you can fight yours. All I’m saying is, deal with your own beef and don’t mix it with mine. If I recall, none of your post even bothered to tell those folks that you were a different entity. That just added confusion.

    I do agree with some of your views, but I don’t agree with your tactics.

  30. Bert Rodriguez    Wed Nov 21, 03:58 PM #  

    Sorry I’m late guys..what’d I miss…

    oh this again

  31. sandy Lazzar    Wed Nov 21, 04:00 PM #  

    these guys are a joke to art…good working artists like Romero Britto who has excelled in the arts through media savy commercials should
    be Miami’s representative to the Whitney.

    Even Critical Miami has Britto’s work on this website as does Madonna and many other great celebreties and important people.

    What have these there artists doen for the community at large?

    Has their work transended into the mainstream and provided somekind of social critique or created an image that can be shared with a mass of people? Who is Bert Rodriguez and WIlliam Cordoba? Why are they included in this show? Have they shared with the public so much that they deserve to have the tax payers pay for their success?? I have heard of Adler Guevarra
    and think he may have the chops to be a good academic instructor or writer which could be a possible contribution to the hierarchy of “art.”

    So where are the Teresita Fernandez and their airport art? Why is she not in the Whitney?

    -Sandy Lazzar

  32. Cohen    Wed Nov 21, 08:58 PM #  

    For sure,,, Britto represents Miami better than any artist i can think of…. did you guys see the Superbowl… it was an explosion of color….. like miami is…. Maybe Bert ROD can decorate the next Superbowl in Miami….. THINK BIG YALL

  33. harold    Wed Nov 21, 10:23 PM #  


  34. Franklin    Wed Nov 21, 10:34 PM #  

    I think what happened is that a ember from a hot thread over at artblog jumped over here and started a secondary flame.

    We had some ignition on my end too. I extinguished it. Just somebody looking to start a doodoostorm.

  35. bonnie    Thu Nov 22, 05:35 PM #  

    I heard Franklin was upset because someone came in his Mama’s
    kitchen and he wasn’t man enough to do anything about it.

    Except cry like a bad writer and worse painter.

  36. Franklin    Thu Nov 22, 08:40 PM #  

    Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie!

  37. AA    Fri Nov 23, 04:43 PM #  

    Franklin is crying, “It’s not fair! ‘Bad’ art!”, while professional artists live their lives, doing what makes them happy. Mr.Einspruch is trite, spiteful, and inarticulate, while Bert and so many other Miami (NYC, LA, SF, fill-in-the-blank) artists are fresh and thought provoking, friendly and loving, as well as indifferent.

    By the way, Franklin, when I was working for Art In America during Basel of 2003, I gave the editors that packet of your work that you dropped off at the booth. Did they ever call you?

  38. cohen    Fri Nov 23, 05:44 PM #  

    um,, Einspuch is not inarticulate,,,,, say what you like,,,but the man can write. ,,, bitter maybe… spitefull probably,,,, at least he is not scared to tell it the way he see’s it..{wrong or right} Most in Miami are not critical of anything out of fear…. so please show some balls and dont write things like friendly and loving and whatever else that has nothing to do with art. Its a disservice to those interested in art.

  39. John Hancock    Fri Nov 23, 07:03 PM #  

    “Friendly” and “Loving” don’t belong in art?
    What does?

  40. cohen    Fri Nov 23, 07:44 PM #  

    Friendly and loving is for graphic ads….{cause everyone has to love it in a friendly way} and yes there is a difference btw ART and Graphic design…. ,,,, i think Einspuch get way to much grief over stating his own belief structure. Please forgive the balls comment. i just get annoyed when personal attacks become the topic instead of discussion on what is in the work being discussed.{ I.E. Franklins E writing or Burt ROD work…. or the music made by John Hancock}

  41. AA    Fri Nov 23, 10:19 PM #  

    My name is Aja Albertson and I have ovaries.

  42. Franklin    Fri Nov 23, 11:15 PM #  

    Did they ever call you?

    Nope, but thank you all the same. A dozen-article run in Street began the following March, followed by a stint at the New Times and a couple of articles for NYFA. Shortly before I left town I had a byline in the Boston Globe. Somehow my inarticulateness escaped notice. (I gave AA a brief, unflattering mention in 2001.)

    Thank you Cohen. I check in on art criticism in Miami every now and then and usually find it hampered by boosterism or diluted by straight reporting. Negative criticism is rare and badly received. Mature scenes, like mature persons, can withstand negative criticism and take it for what it’s worth.

    Incidentally, when people use “thought provoking” as a compliment, I wonder what they’re doing prior to provocation.

  43. markc    Mon Nov 26, 02:24 AM #  

    …comfortably numb,Franklin,you’ve got natural witt.keep it sharp, Miami’s art scene is a joke.
    It’s got that my wife won’t let me go out to the shows. [I leave my plastic cups on the sculptures
    that look unfinished.] Art Banal is coming and shes out of town… game up for the inking of the inept parade anyone?

  44. ;)    Tue Nov 27, 12:40 AM #  


    your so cute and folksy “I leave my plastic cups on the sculptures
    that look unfinished” passing your old school judgement on other’s art. what sculptures look unfinished to you? next time I go to a show I’ll be looking out for those cups. maybe you should sign your name on the cup before you plop it down.

  45. alesh    Tue Nov 27, 02:15 AM #  


    i could get a huzzah for markc’s post-conceptual cow paintings right quick?