Monday November 19, 2007


The Sahara Hotel of North Miami Beach. If you’re like me, you’re thinking this place will be torn down, for vague political-correctness reasons, any second now (or at least the crazy lawn ornaments will be). Then again, I’ve been thinking that since the 1980s.

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  1. tjl    Mon Nov 19, 06:10 AM #  

    Whats so un-pc about it?
    Besides, being too PC is not a good thing… causes divisiveness.

  2. alesh    Mon Nov 19, 06:40 AM #  

    Hey, I’m not saying i think it should be torn down, just that I’m surprised it hasn’t been, yet. What’s potentially offensive about using Arabs on camels as a lawn ornament for a Miami Beach motel? Gee, I dunno…

  3. Johnny R.    Mon Nov 19, 04:03 PM #  

    I stayed there as a kid, surprised to see it’s still up! lol. I remember when the entire street was lined with motels. They had different themes and names. The Waikiki, Tangiers, Monaco, The Driftwood, Newport Beach, The Thunderbird, The Colonial Inn, The Marco Polo, The Ocean Roc. Jeez I feel old and I am only 26! Can anyone say Condos??

  4. DJ_Kremlin    Mon Nov 19, 06:24 PM #  

    The Tunderbird, Newport and Marco polo are still there. The rest are history.

    I loved the Colonial. Many fond memories.