Saturday November 17, 2007

Deep space Saturday



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  1. Carlos D    Mon Nov 19, 07:19 PM #  

    That Malcolm Gladwell article is fantastic. I’ve only read his books, can anyone confirm the stuff in the New Yorker is as good as that?

  2. alesh    Mon Nov 19, 09:27 PM #  

    Carlos~ check this out.

  3. Carlos D    Tue Nov 20, 05:07 PM #  

    Thanks, Alesh – it’s interesting to see a video someone I’ve read a decent amount of in person.

    That TED Talks site always makes me unspeakably jealous at the attendees. What I’d give to go to that stupid conference.

  4. alesh    Tue Nov 20, 06:37 PM #  


    I dunno… the talks always knock me on my ass, but it seems that I’m getting close to 90% of the experience seeing the webcasts, and physical attendance doesn’t add much. I’m sure it’s still great to go, though.

    (btw, when I watched the above link the audio and video separated a little. The YouTube version of the talk doesn’t seem to have that problem, but maybe it was just that one connection.)