Thursday November 15, 2007

Why Did Pancho Have To Die?



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  1. C L Jahn    Fri Nov 16, 06:52 PM #  

    Because he et someone.

    Can’t have gators thinking of people as good eats, even if it was a “bad egg.”

  2. b.a.c.    Fri Nov 16, 10:35 PM #  

    The negatives of encroaching on nature….sigh, it’s sad but it had to be done. Stop moving teh MDB perhaps?

  3. alesh    Sat Nov 17, 05:14 PM #  


    I doubt it. There are no doubt gators who come to associate people with food and so become dangerous. In this case, dude dove into the water. Probably spooked the gator, which acted in instinctive self-defense. Bet ya none of his body was really eaten, and the experience was probably traumatic for the gator.

    If you were being poetic, you might say it acted in self-defense.

  4. C L Jahn    Sat Nov 17, 06:07 PM #  

    It doesn’t matter that the man basically fed himself to the gator; the gator killed him, and bit him quite a few times. And according to someone I know at the ME’s office, stuff was…missing.

    Pancho learned that people can be killed, and while one case alone may not erase his “fear of humans,” I think it’s prudent not to wait until he eats someone else.

    But the poor ol’ thing ought to be buried with honor for cleaning our gene pool.

  5. alesh    Sun Nov 18, 12:05 PM #  

    Is a gator more likely to kill someone walking along the shore after it’s killed someone who dove into it in a lake? I’d like to hear the opinion of someone who studies them on that. In the meantime, I guess it makes sense to err on the side of caution.

    Meanwhile, mauling by gator is a pretty ghastly way to go, even for a career criminal.

    Also meanwhile, it’s pretty crazy that we live in such close proximity to these prehistoric, ultra-lethal animals, no?