Wednesday November 14, 2007

The restoration of the Everglades is way behind schedule, and faltering, mainly because federal funding has dried up. The only presidential candidate to mention the Everglades has been Fred Thompson, and that was to say he might allow oil drilling there. Meanwhile, Central Florida farmers just missed their first phosphorus reduction target in 11 years. (via TM)

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  1. Rick    Wed Nov 14, 09:51 AM #  

    Ummmm….Congress just overrode a presidential veto on a huge spending bill for the ‘glades.


  2. alesh    Wed Nov 14, 10:17 AM #  

    Thanks Rick; that’s good news, but not so fast. As the article points out, that’s hardly the salvation it sounds like. Note from here:

    The water bill authorizes popular projects in states across the country, including hurricane recovery efforts in Louisiana, environmental restoration in the Florida Everglades and flood control in California. But it does not actually appropriate money for the projects, which must be done in spending bills.

  3. b.a.c.    Wed Nov 14, 11:33 AM #  

    I’m sure we’ll be hearing plenty about the Everglades once the nominees have been elected.

  4. Rick    Wed Nov 14, 07:36 PM #  

    As the article points out, that’s hardly the salvation it sounds like.

    I guess I’m looking at the glass being half full then.


  5. alesh    Wed Nov 14, 10:43 PM #  

    b.a.c.~ I guess I hope so. I actually would think that restoration of something like the Everglades wouldn’t have to rise to the level of national politics. We should have a certain amount of money set aside for environmental conservation, and experts should decide where it goes. Or however you want to do it… it should be sort of automatic that we take the steps to ensure the preservation of natural wonders of this magnitude, and not leave it up to how many political points Karl Rove thinks GWB can score with it from this year to the next. Whatever.

    Rick~ Great. The NY Times seems to see it as half empty, even after the veto-override. But get down with your bad self.

  6. CB    Wed Nov 14, 11:44 PM #  

    Federal Everglades conservation work is what brought me down here in early 2001. I watched those budgets dry up until I left the gov in 2004.

  7. Rick    Thu Nov 15, 08:48 AM #  

    But get down with your bad self.

    I don’t even know what this means. But, damn, if you don’t use it often enough.