Tuesday November 13, 2007

November artwalk

November artwalk

Mural at Locust by Ed Young. (btw, I’m debating whether to do these this way, or in the slideshow. But for now, you can click them to see bigger.)

November artwalk

Inside, a rockin’ installation site-specific sculpture* by L/B.

November artwalk

Adorable mini-art-fair at Spinello. Just to the left of guy’s head is Jen Stark’s piece (because why miss an opportunity to mention Jen Stark?).

November artwalk

I’ll tell you what — word got out about the Diet Gallery. Or maybe it was the heavenly neon sign outside, but the place was packed. And the art, it was good. Welcome DG! Anyway, here’s Andrew Mowbray.

November artwalk

I was a little taken aback and forgot to get this artist’s name. Anyone?? Abby Manock, who’s website is worth a visit.

November artwalk

The consistently stunning María José Arjona. (Actually, a better picture here.)

November artwalk

How to impress people at your gallery opening or function: make delicious mojitos.

November artwalk

A few stills from Carlos Rigau aka Kenneth Cohen’s new video, which distills down all the man’s-head-on-boy’s-body stuff into a mind-bending 5 minutes. Nice work, sir! This is at the lovely show Erika curated at Tachmes, which consisted almost entirely of video and sculpture based on television sets (up through Basel).

November artwalk

And during which was produced this guitar cake.

* I give up: is it an installation or a sculpture? Is it site-specific?


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  1. I was there    Wed Nov 14, 07:11 AM #  

    The work in question is most definetly a sculpture, as it is a three dimensional object.

    If the artist made it specifically for the “site” and it could not funcion elsewhere or specifically relates to the site, it could be site specific and a sculpture.

    I believe an installation consumes, creates and transforms an entire environment.

    I say its a sculpture.

  2. Nina Johnson    Wed Nov 14, 11:34 AM #  

    Howdy! Thanks for the props : ) The artists name is Abby Manock…


    Nina J.

  3. Claire Breukel    Thu Nov 15, 11:47 AM #  

    HI- its not site specific as the piece has been shown before… installation. L/B were going to add a site specific wall piece once the Pocket Stadium was up- but once it was in place we thought any other element would intefere.
    Thanks for the great pics and coverage!!!! Claire