Monday November 12, 2007 bemoaning the removal of royal palms along Biscayne Blvd. I saw this website on a bumper sticker. (Not sure if they’re still sending these out — the website hasn’t been updated since February. I suppose the fight is over.)

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  1. Peter Confalone    Mon Nov 12, 07:58 AM #  

    Ode to Biscayne Boulevard
    Starbucks vs. The Grande Dame in the Battle of Biscayne Mall

    The moon hung high over Miami
    Jackie Gleason made out of green cheese.
    The stench on old Biscayne Boulevard
    Wafted up on the morning’s sea breeze.

    The new towers of high rise condos
    Have replaced the majestic banyans.
    This corridor of luxury suites
    Has created a limestone canyon.

    Long shadows spread over the pavement
    Temporarily relieve the heat.
    Denizens scurry about their business
    Looking only to survive on the street.

    An bag lady pushing her legacy.
    A crack whore needing a place to sleep.
    A policeman drinking Cuban coffee.
    A construction worker parking his jeep.

    Dust settles on every surface.
    The traffic is absolutely cruel.
    Just too much human displacement
    In the name of urban renewal.

    Changes that should be questioned
    Keep our old neighborhood in flux.
    They have taken away the green spaces
    And replaced them with the likes of Starbucks.

    Once the Grande Dam of boulevards
    Sadly it’s unique charm won’t remain.
    You can bet your bottom dollar
    They’ll bring in more national chains.

    We might as well call it Biscayne Canyon
    Encased by an east and west wall.
    I guess some day a bright city planner
    Could build a roof and we’d have Biscayne Mall.
    ®Peter Confalone

  2. tjl    Mon Nov 12, 10:32 AM #  

    I think the trademark symbol is over the top… and a case of wishful thinking.