Monday November 12, 2007

From Saturday’s bike ride. Despite the scenery, I do not recommend that stretch of Krome Ave.

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  1. Duran    Mon Nov 12, 10:21 AM #  

    You are kidding me right? You are telling me you biked that ENTIRE route? Props to you if did.

  2. owenized    Mon Nov 12, 06:42 PM #  

    62 miles? You are an ironman sir.

  3. cohen    Mon Nov 12, 08:48 PM #  

    why not that stretch?

  4. alesh    Mon Nov 12, 08:52 PM #  

    yeah, the whole stinking way. GM reports 62 miles, though my odometer says it was actually 67, after factoring in deviation from the “perfect” route, and the obvious variations and wobbling. I didn’t really plan it out, and I wasn’t very clear on what was ahead of me when I turned left onto Krome. I knew there was a big gas station plaza at Tamiami Trail (and a BBQ place), but I was out of water and didn’t realize what was happening until I passed (after the point of no return) a sign reading “Tamiami Trail 10 miles.”

    Whatever, i made it. But that stretch of TT has no shoulder, and there are 18-wheelers zipping by at 55+mph — I wouldn’t try it again, and I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.