Thursday November 8, 2007

Untitled, from the Castles of Miami series.



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  1. nonee moose    Thu Nov 8, 04:09 PM #  

    Red-Bird subdivision…

  2. alesh    Thu Nov 8, 04:26 PM #  


    yeah… just north of Bird, tho. I added a geo-tag to the photo.

  3. l'elk!    Thu Nov 8, 05:03 PM #  

    im imagining french soldiers stationed on top of those towers hurling insults at passing motorists.

    “i fart in your general direction!”

  4. JErick    Thu Nov 8, 08:44 PM #  

    That place was amazing, I remember going there one random day, just to stand by the waters, but I don’t recall the I <3 Cuba being there went I went (it was maybe 2 years ago). It was a good time.

  5. C L Jahn    Thu Nov 8, 09:51 PM #  


    Here’s another shot for that scene:
    Tower Shot

  6. cohen    Fri Nov 9, 12:30 AM #  

    this is not a castle!