Wednesday November 7, 2007

Why parking at Midtown isn’t free: the knuckleheads on the city commission agreed that it would be, but never bothered to put it in writing.

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  1. Amy    Wed Nov 7, 09:20 PM #  

    Wow, this is totally absurd. Alesh, knuckleheads is appropriate. Since the City dropped the ball on this one I guess they decided to put up all those nice meters along north miami ave and all up 29st. They have to cash in somehow. Only in Miami.

  2. formerMiamiGrrrrl    Thu Nov 8, 01:10 AM #  

    …And known since 2004:

  3. dreaming    Thu Nov 8, 11:31 AM #  

    one reason why i do not and probably never will bother shopping there.

    i will not pay to shop, nowhere, nohow.

    it’s not as the stores there are worth paying to park to shop in, duh, target? circuit shitty?

    the place will be going bust in a year or two anyway since the clientele is mostly ghetto and there mainly to steal, not buy.

    i did go to the target once: it was an incredible mess, like no one works there. stuff strewn everywhere. ive never seen a target like it anywhere. where is the management?

  4. Suzy    Thu Nov 8, 11:52 AM #  

    Dreaming it’s true that the Target is sometimes messy and that the area isn’t exactly the greatest but for someone like me who lives Little Havana/river area, it tops having to drive to the nearest Target (pick either Bird/Palmetto, Dadeland Station, or FIU N).
    The stores should actually keep giving those validations. People visit them after all. I can spend my money anywhere. I’m going to choose to spend it where I can get the most out of it!

    …I’m just cranky that the stores stopped validating…