Wednesday November 7, 2007

LOL: The slogan of the City of North Miami Beach is “Now More Beautiful!”

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  1. C L Jahn    Wed Nov 7, 08:55 AM #  

    That’s because Coral Gables snatched up both “The City Beautiful” and “The Beautiful City.” Bastids.

    But NMB’s new logo does sound like an ad gimmick: “Now with added BEAUTY!”

  2. Steve    Wed Nov 7, 09:11 AM #  

    That’s so like 10 minutes ago. If they wanted to pursue this retro line, at least go with “mw mr btfl.” Which when pronounced sounds like the grunts of a ball-gagged kidnap victim.

  3. nonee moose    Wed Nov 7, 10:30 AM #  

    No trans fats

  4. alesh    Wed Nov 7, 10:31 AM #  

    or how about “My city’s beauty can beat up your honor student”