Wednesday November 7, 2007

Jorge Rivera, P.A., Immigration Law Office. I love this building.

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  1. skipvancel    Wed Nov 7, 11:45 AM #  

    Yeah, Alesh, I agree. This one always takes my breath away when I drive by. It is almost as over the top as that mansion that can be seen on the north side of the entrance to Palm-Hibiscus island when traversing the Macarthur Causeway. If only the mansion was this color, I think we would have a real winner.

  2. Eoin Jasper    Thu Nov 8, 02:01 AM #  

    is that on Douglas?
    if so it’s right by my apartment!!


  3. skipvancel    Thu Nov 8, 06:22 AM #  

    No, it’s on Coral Way.

  4. DoctorDenim    Fri Nov 9, 01:38 PM #  

    I really love this building. I wish I could live in it.

  5. theCardinal    Mon Nov 12, 09:25 PM #  

    I disagree wholeheartedly. Forget what it looks like and ask yourself the question “Is it functional?” No it is not. It is possible for architecture to be great and non-modern and still be functional. First of all the building is offset by a hideous parking lot that does provide not even half of the spaces it requires (I had to park there a couple of times).

    The faux balcony is downright hideous and tacky in a Hialeah slapdash sort of way. The building provides zero refuge from the elements – a rather disconcerting situation since the parking area is completely exposed. The lighting inside the structure is minimal to lack of windows. The artificial lighting provides a dungeon like atmosphere that you cannot shake.

    I will confess that it is striking but buildings much like people are much more than what meets the eye.

  6. Ruth    Mon Dec 17, 08:21 PM #  

    is it possible to get a virtual tour of the inside?