Tuesday November 6, 2007

The Miami Herald noticed that there are actually no bookstores (none) in the City of Miami. Boy is that embarrassing. (But one is on the way.) Update: Commenter have noted that there are in fact a couple, which the Herald article considers “specialty bookstores.”

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  1. DJ_Kremlin    Tue Nov 6, 10:21 AM #  

    This is not accurate. There is one not too far from the Herald building!

    Downtown Book Center
    247 Se 1st St, Miami
    305) 377-9939

    Just bought a book their this past week!

    Then again, in my opinion, the Herald doesn’t know what the hell it’s talking about anyway.

  2. DJ_Kremlin    Tue Nov 6, 10:38 AM #  

    oops on the spelling of there. My bad.

  3. Liquid Rhino    Tue Nov 6, 12:01 PM #  

    Yeah, right… There’s a Books & Books in the Gables along with a huge Barnes & Nobles.
    Not to mention the other B&N & Borders in South Miami.

  4. DJ_Kremlin    Tue Nov 6, 01:05 PM #  

    Liquid… Although you are correct. The stores you mention are not in “Miami” They are as you noted in Coral Gables and South Miami.

    The article is referring to Incorporated Miami.

  5. David    Tue Nov 6, 02:42 PM #  

    Coral Gables is 1/10th the size of Miami and its soon to get its 3rd major book store. A Borders in Merrick Park to go along with the Books and Books and Barnes & Noble plus several other smaller book stores.

  6. 30 Dogs 30 Days    Tue Nov 6, 02:49 PM #  

    Maybe they meant no ‘white’ bookstores. Gotta love that casual racism!
    Afro-In Books & Things. 5575 NW 7th Ave Miami, FL 33127

  7. 30 Dogs 30 Days    Tue Nov 6, 02:52 PM #  

    Afro-In Books & Things. 5575 NW 7th Ave Miami, FL 33127
    I guess it’s not ‘general interest’, whatever that means-your headline was a little misleading-but then I guess I could have just read the article.

  8. alesh    Tue Nov 6, 03:45 PM #  


    I’ve been! That place is great.

  9. swampthing    Wed Nov 7, 06:34 AM #  

    Very Orwelliean, in this second age of orality who needs book burnings … is literacy over-rated? Read “shock doctrine” by naomi klein.

  10. crumbs    Wed Nov 7, 07:32 AM #  

    It’s small and not so “general,” but there is:
    Book Addiction Book Store and Cafe
    3805 Grand Ave
    Coconut Grove, FL 33133

  11. Duran    Wed Nov 7, 08:54 AM #  

    As far as Miami not having a B&N, Borders or even Books & Books has been something I’ve noticed for a VERY long time. There are plenty of places they could have put up a general bookstore already: for example, Mary Brickell Village and Shops at Midtown. There are also plenty of empty storefronts in Coconut Grove, particular Cocowalk and the Shops at Mayfair (the old Banana Republic space would be perfect).

  12. Run-On-Sentence Man    Wed Nov 7, 10:08 AM #  

    This article is bit silly. It’s not like Kendall, Aventura, The Gables, Or South Beach are miles away from what is technically Miami. Most people in this town will tell you Kendall, The Gables, and SoBe are a part of Miami. I would even be brave enough to say that most people in this town have one of these books stores, at the most, 10 – 20 min away by just crossing these imaginary borders. The article also fails to mention book stores located in malls, like Waldenbooks in International & Dolphin Mall and B&N in Sunset Place…which if you look up the locations in a phonebook, they all show a Miami, FL address. So what are we crying about again? Are we supposed to cry if something is not 5 min away? It’s not like we live in a one horse town.

    By the way Duran…there was a B&N and a Waldenbooks in Coconut Grove, but as the mall started to sink like the Titanic, those storefronts jumped ship. Also, if you are being technical, wouldn’t Coconut Grove count as not being a part of Miami? It has a fancy name like Coral Gables.

    I betcha Doral, Westchester, and Sweetwater feel left out as their names were not even mentioned. Someone should tell them that they are not a part of Miami.

  13. alesh    Wed Nov 7, 10:35 AM #  

    True… it’s sort of a “technical” point. But chew on this — if you live on the beach or downtown or anywhrere thereabouts, you’re a waaay uncomfortably long drive to get to a decent bookstore.

    There’s the B&B on Lincoln Rd, which is cute and great for some things, but no match for a regular-sized bookstore.

  14. Adam    Wed Nov 7, 11:37 AM #  

    Another specialty store, Libreri Mapou has a good selection of books on Haiti.

  15. Suzy    Thu Nov 8, 07:59 AM #  

    There’s a cuban bookstore on 22nd ave and NW 6th street…

    and Run-on-sentence man: actually, Doral, Westchester and Sweetwater are NOT part of the city of Miami. Doral and Sweetwater are actually their own cities. Westchester is neither here nor there and belongs to the county.

  16. Run-On-Sentence Man    Thu Nov 8, 10:02 AM #  

    I did know that … “Someone should tell them that they are not a part of Miami.” My sarcastic sentence states exactly that.

    But, if you ask most of the residents where they live, they will say Miami…except for those Doral folks…They are quite regional.

    Westchester I believe is known as West Miami…and it is on the roster of Dade County cities.

    …but the point I was making is that all these micro cities are a hop skip and a jump away from each other…so no one in this county is more than 10 – 20 min away from a bookstore.

    I understand …but my opinion is that the car drives aren’t that long or uncomfortable. I have lived on the beach before and currently live in downtown, and a drive to a bookstore (aventura) is not really a painful experience. It’s not like we are crossing the desert on an 8 hour camel hike to a bookstore. Now, if you don’t have a car… then I can sympathize… but this is Miami, and sad to say, you really need a car here if you are going to circulate.

  17. Adam    Thu Nov 8, 10:12 AM #  

    I think maybe the take-home point is that any other city would have at least one bookstore in almost every neighborhood.

  18. oh boy    Fri Nov 9, 11:51 PM #  

    Dont the Socialist Workers have a book store in Liberty City. Just what the hell is a special interest book store when the Herald article does mention the Spanish language bookstore that use to exist in the city of Miami. Also, did anyone notice that the stupid article calls Fair trade coffee Free Trade Coffee. Just a slip of the typo, a political statement, or just ignorance from the author who also happens to be an editor?? Or all three????

  19. alesh    Sat Nov 10, 08:38 AM #  

    oh boy~ A special interest bookstore is any bookstore that is not general interest. General interest bookstore is defined as one where you can get David Forter Wallace’s new book of essays, a copy of the New Yorker, Everyone Poops, and at least two different Kurt Vonnegut novels. Taking nothing away from all the shops everyone’s mentioned, the absence of a GIBS in Miami is quite significant.

    I’m off to the Lincoln Rd. Books and Books to see if they pass the GIBS test.