Friday November 2, 2007

Sleepless night weekend


Sorry, Flavorpill, your new site blows. Please bring back the old layout, which was much more useful!!




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  1. tom    Fri Nov 2, 05:32 PM #  

    Wow, Helmet, that takes me back to 1994. I’m tempted to go see them, but laziness will probably keep me down in Miami. Thanks for the event listings… where do you find out about shows happening in the area?

  2. alesh    Fri Nov 2, 09:38 PM #  


    I don’t remember where I got the helmet listing . . . good places for show info are the Sweat blog, Miami Nights, and the new times.

    I’m truly at a loss for a good source of upcoming shows, though, especially the more esoteric and indy things. Anyone know? (there’s a thing called iCal that supposedly scans your iTunes “most played” and finds shows of your favorite bands in your area, but I don’t do iTunes)

    in any case, yeah, Helmet would be fun to see, though I assume they’re touring with a new drummer, their original one now being a member of The Battles.