Friday October 26, 2007

I think this might be Halloween weekend

halloween pumpkins

Halloween is next Wednesday, so I guess a certain amount of the related celebrationing is to fall on this weekend. Not any of the particularly emphatic celebrationing, I doubt, but there seems to be a lot of stuff for kids. I haven’t got the interest to try to distill it, so just check the top of SunPost’s Calendar.




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  1. b.a.c.    Fri Oct 26, 09:48 AM #  

    Alesh how can you tolerate the unpleasant saune like feeling at Circa? Don’t get me wrong, I love the place and it’s owner but the heat is just unbearable. Imagine in full costume….jesus

  2. that guy    Fri Oct 26, 11:43 AM #  

    Whenever you open a club or a bar, whatever the HVAC contractor says you need, double it.

  3. Duran    Fri Oct 26, 03:59 PM #  

    This might sound super offensive, but upstairs at Circa at 3 a.m. is worse than the Holocaust. I agree with B.A.C.: I LOVE the music and people that go there but the heat is UNBEARABLE.

    Also this isn’t during the weekend, but Alesh how could you forget: M.I.A. PERFORMS LIVE AT STUDIO A ON MONDAY! Tickets are sold out, but I got mine so I could give a fuck about anyone else :)

  4. alesh    Fri Oct 26, 04:50 PM #  

    Duran~ they’re releasing a limited # night of the show, which I’m hoping to get in on, so SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

  5. harumi    Fri Oct 26, 06:46 PM #  

    Alesh, what time do you think they are selling the limited # ticket?
    I didn’t know the ticket was onsale at ticketmaster, so I didn’t get it. I sooooo want to be there!

  6. alesh    Mon Oct 29, 09:35 PM #  

    Blah. It seemed like a good joke at the time — hide the comments temporarily to make it easier to get a ticket to the show. Stupid, especially considering the day I’ve had, wherein the last thing I want to do is go to a concert. Second MIA show missed. Fuck everything.