Thursday October 25, 2007

“Salazar tried to maneuver sideways, but there was no avoiding the collision. When he hit, his bike flew over the truck — 10 meters, he says — and crashed on the other side, breaking in two. He went under the SUV as dozens of bikes behind him plowed into it and bounced off each other like birds in a turbine.” — Crazy SUV vs. bicycle pack accident. Please, people, watch out for the cyclists.

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  1. onajide    Thu Oct 25, 10:51 AM #  

    In the 80s (when I was racing), I rode my bike from the Grove to the Burger King across the street from UM. When I got back to the Grove on Main Highway, a car pulled out from a parked position, knocked me across the street and, unconscious. I woke up in Mercy Hospital. When I ride a bike on the roadway I get more agressive about my space on that roadway because automobile drivers, in general, don’t know the law regarding bicycles, no less just having the respect of allowing cyclists space to ride safely. I’ve had a couple confontations with drivers. Luckily for me, in those situations cops were there to back up my legal rights.

  2. me    Thu Oct 25, 10:27 PM #  

    As far as I’m concerned, the pelotons ruin it for all the lone cyclists in Miami. Having lived here for 12 years and riding most days in the Grove – Rickenbacker areas I’ve observed how their aggressive law breaking attitude pisses off motorists. I actually can’t blame the folks in their cars. These riders blow through stoplights and signs and act like major assholes. I’m suprised more don’t get shot. As a side note, I did enjoy the bike safety book you linked to. Excellent tips on keeping your space.