Monday October 22, 2007

The solutions to the Herald Hunt. The map doesn’t seem to be online, though.


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  1. mkh    Tue Oct 23, 08:40 AM #  

    I’m annoyed that I remembered the Hunt about 2pm Sunday. Ah well, perhaps next time…

  2. alesh    Tue Oct 23, 09:59 AM #  

    You, like many, have learned to skip CM on Fridays. Perhaps now you’ll know better — the hunt was clearly listed.

    Maybe next year we get a team of bloggers together?

  3. crumbs    Tue Oct 23, 02:10 PM #  

    If I had to come up with my Top 5 reasons to live in Miami, the Hunt would top it. Perhaps seeing
    <a href=“”>Midnight Madness </a> at a young age instilled the obsession.

  4. mkh    Tue Oct 23, 06:00 PM #  

    No no, I saw the notice and even mentioned it to a friend. In my travel-addled state I just failed to write it down so I would remember what it was I wanted to do Sunday.

    The only way to do the Hunt is with a team, otherwise it’s just a lonely and frustrating affair. Perhaps next year local blogging factions could form competing Hunt teams to settle their pissing matches, rather than creating end- and point-less comment streams?