Monday October 22, 2007

miami beach flyer
miami beach flyer

Here’s a crazy racist/homophobic election flyer sent out in Miami Beach. There’s a weird fake poll, too.

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  1. Steve    Mon Oct 22, 09:52 PM #  

    Don’t blame me I voted for Nader.

  2. silviaelena    Tue Oct 23, 01:48 AM #  


  3. Conservative Chris    Tue Oct 23, 06:35 AM #  

    Vote Republican!

  4. alesh    Tue Oct 23, 10:02 AM #  

    Hi Silvia Elena! I have been enjoying your blog. Sorry about the kitten!! Your article about riding the bus inspired me to write one of my own!!!

    Chris~ Which part of his message is it that you find so compelling, the racism or the homophobia?

    Steve~ I heard on the radio this morning something to the effect that the Iraq war has cost each american $5,000 so far. So we have you to thank for that, then…

  5. l'elk!    Tue Oct 23, 10:49 AM #  

    so if i vote for a candidate that looks and talks like me, then my group isn’t special? :(

  6. cornfield    Tue Oct 23, 12:23 PM #  

    Do you think the mistakes in the Spanish portion are on purpose?

  7. nonee moose    Tue Oct 23, 12:55 PM #  

    cornfield, i think Dora covered whatever intentions there were. the errors are, as usual, ignorance.