Thursday October 18, 2007

If you’re a high school kid, and you get kicked out of marching band for having a straight D average, don’t hold a big protest with all your friends, because people will either laugh at you or shake their heads in pity at your sorry misguided ass, and they’ll be right. (That said, I’m impressed they got 60 people out for the protest.)



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  1. KidBass    Thu Oct 18, 11:54 AM #  

    wack attact!

  2. Duran    Thu Oct 18, 02:14 PM #  

    What a joke! These kids maybe should open a book instead of leading a protest. Fact is they are never going to get into college with those grades. And even if they manage to get into Miami-Dade College, they obviously don’t have the study skills to succeed. The school is doing them a favor. Kids these days want everything handed to them on a silver platter (god, I’m starting to sound old).

  3. JErick    Thu Oct 18, 04:10 PM #  

    The thing about this though, is that they got a 1.94, that’s awfully close to getting a 2.0. I think they should have at least been given an small chance to raise the grade point average, as it was right there. And yeah, C average just doesn’t cut it for the marching band program, I’m sure they would have known that.

  4. alesh    Thu Oct 18, 04:25 PM #  


    Yes, I’m sure being kicked out of marching band is going to make these kids straighten up and fly right.


    There is an aspect to this where the school administration are assholes if they went from ignoring the rule for years to sudden strict enforcement without warning anyone. Fine. But how little do you have to care about school to have a 1.94 GPA?

  5. JErick    Thu Oct 18, 05:13 PM #  

    alesh: In terms of the student’s GPA, yeah, that’s definitely within their own range of responsibility, but I think that if they at least let the student (or students) go back to the Million Dollar band, that this would serve as a serious warning to others in the band and to the people themselves that this is no game. Wake up call, Miami High. They’ve done pretty well this year though, it seems. One never knows what the principal might say.