Thursday October 18, 2007

Ferris wheel is a bad idea?!


Miami-Dade Commissioner Carlos Gimenez recently floated the idea to build a big observation-type ferris wheel somewhere by the water, either in downtown, at the port, or on Miami Beach. Jim DeFede and Alex thing this is a bad idea, because, they say, there’s nothing to see. I think that’s just crazy. Click the image above, or better yet, “check out James Good’s aerial picture set, all photographed from a similar moderate height from the general area where the wheel would go. Now consider the difference between compact-digital photos of something and the real 360° view of same. Nothing to look at? Say what?!

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  1. Chris    Thu Oct 18, 09:05 AM #  

    I was thinking the same thing when I read Alex’s comment.

  2. Gus    Thu Oct 18, 09:10 AM #  

    A ferris wheel sounds like a great idea to me; it’s much more intimate that a balloon ride where you’re forced to stand around and observe with 20 other people.

    You can kiss and make out on a ferris wheel.

    Plus, we built all these beautiful condos; since nobody wants to buy them, we may as well offer our visitors a majestic view…perhaps that can spark some interest.

  3. DJ_Kremlin    Thu Oct 18, 09:21 AM #  

    I say build it. Better that then more low income housing.

  4. b.a.c.    Thu Oct 18, 09:55 AM #  

    Don’t we have a we have a giant balloon opening soon?

  5. b.a.c.    Thu Oct 18, 09:58 AM #  

    And Gus, if you have ever seen the London Eye it fits alot of people in each cab. Not much intamacy to make out with 15-20 other people with ya.

  6. Alex    Thu Oct 18, 10:12 AM #  

    Whould you look at THAT!!!??? A working port, a few condos, Fisher Island and a cruise terminal. And is that a Coast Guard station? Wow. Yeah, I can see the line of people willing to pay $30 for that view.

    AND you are posting the view from the desirable location at SoFi, which there’s no way in hell it will happen. Most likely it would be Bayside or parcel B, where the view is even bleaker.

  7. l'elk!    Thu Oct 18, 10:44 AM #  

    i think miami has a beautiful skyline, especially at night, and i think plenty of residence would agree. neon buildings shooting up out of the ocean.

  8. Chris    Thu Oct 18, 11:08 AM #  

    Alex, have you BEEN to London? Biscayne Bay puts the Thames to shame.

    “Hey look kids, there’s Big Ben, and there’s Parliament.”

  9. Adam    Thu Oct 18, 11:16 AM #  

    While I think there is a lot to see, it seems like it might not hold up so well under hurricane conditions. Also, why can’t we do something original instead of taking some generic idea from london. I like the hot air balloon—why not just get 10 of those in a row off the port?

  10. alesh    Thu Oct 18, 11:38 AM #  


    Yeah — it’s a huge bay scattered with a bunch of islands, connected with bridges. One of them is a big complicated port. There’s a downtown with lots of different tall buildings. All sorts of different things along the bayfront. Carnival center, herald building, freedom tower, bayside, museum park, AAA (with the airplane on the roof), fisher island, watson island, crazy downtown, Library/cultural center, metromover/rail, the balloon ride(!), brickell, virginia key, miami beach, venetian causeway, star island, macarthur, government cut, and yes, the huge expanse of bay and ocean tying it all together.

    I actually find the idea that “there’s nothing to look at” completely incomprehensible. I shrugged off your post originally as a fluke, but obviously this is a sentiment that’s more then a couple of people share. I don’t get it.


    There is a certain amount of redundancy with the balloon, but that doesn’t seem like a huge concern. I’m assuming the ferris wheel would be a lot cheaper.

    I’m assuming that a hurricane-proof design would look pretty different from london’s version, so I don’t see it as a copycat thing. Also: the wheel would be yet another interesting addition

  11. Scott    Thu Oct 18, 11:52 AM #  

    Miami’s beauty is so unique and I’d love to see a place accessible that offers a great view of the city. In Boston, you can get a decent view around the city from the John Hancock Tower, but from that angle, it’s mostly just looking down on brownstones.

    Miami, on the other hand… with the port, the blue water, the highrises downtown and on the beach, the bridges, the islands… I’d love to see that but only if they deliver it in something entirely Miami. A ferris wheel seems so ordinary and Miami is anything but. But who knows, the Wheel of Miami could be the eighth wonder of the world.

  12. nonee moose    Thu Oct 18, 01:37 PM #  

    How about a zipline course between the hi-rises? We could dress up unemployed mortgage brokers as spider monkeys who try to steal your wallet, as you are pulled along by compliant real estate agents, anxious to show you the next A-list address…

    Concrete jungle fun for everyone!

  13. Alex    Thu Oct 18, 01:54 PM #  

    Chris: It’s my favorite city. Now, if you seriously think Biscayne Bay puts the Thames to shame in terms of landmarks to look at, I have to wonder whether YOU have been.

    Alesh: “a big complicated port”???? Nerd.

    Scott: funny you bring up Boston because that’s exactly what I was thinking when I wrote that post. We have an office in Boston up the Hanckock Tower. Beautiful view that bores you within 15 minutes. It’s all rooftops and the Charles River. Everything there is to see in Boston is better appreciated at pedestrian level.

    The best place to see Miami is from the water. How successful are the duck tours, water tours etc?

  14. Mr. Right    Thu Oct 18, 09:41 PM #  

    I hereby declare that if one more commenter says he agrees with Alesh, Alex’s opinion will not be a fluke and will be deemed to be officially wrong.

    So sayeth Mr. Right.

    And Alesh.

  15. alesh    Thu Oct 18, 10:11 PM #  

    Alex~ HA! A one-word insult: you got me. Clever.

    If you yourself admit the view from Virginia key is good, and the view from South Beach is good, how can a view of the SAME EXACT THING from a different perspective (downtown, port, etc.) be worthless?

    Next time you want to admit defeat, please skip the lame put downs and get right to the point.

    (ps thanks for reading!)

    (pss. the port. take a look.)

  16. Alex    Thu Oct 18, 10:25 PM #  

    Mr. Right: Defede is with me on this. You can pile on the commenters.

    Alesh: “Nerd” is an insult? Anyway, that’s not the view from Virginia Key, is it? Nowhere close to it. And I said Miami Beach if the wheel was on a pier looking onto Ocean Drive.

    Next time you want to pick a lame fight, do it without putting words in my mouth.

    (psss. you’re welcome. Thanks for reading me first)

    (pssss. “than”)