Wednesday October 17, 2007

Miami Contemporary Artists the book! By Julie Davidow and Paul Clemence, with a forward by Elisa Turner. Over 100 artists, including Hernan Bas, Jose Bedia, Teresita Fernandez, Naomi Fisher, Luis Gispert, Daniel Arsham, Susan Lee Chun, Cristina Lei Rodriguez, and TM Sisters. Book launch events around Art Basel, but looks like you can get a copy now.

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  1. ;)    Mon Oct 22, 11:38 PM #  

    classic miami crap where you include whomever is “in” the click and then you include yourself. break out the Vaseline and lets masturbate in each-other’s ego.

  2. Pietro    Tue Oct 23, 09:32 PM #  

    classic Miami crap: I’m not included so I’ll bash it! Sad…

  3. Pietro    Tue Oct 23, 09:34 PM #  

    ( Of course I’m refering to comment #1 )

  4. ;)    Tue Oct 23, 09:40 PM #  

    where is the critical analysis? i don’t see it? look who the writers are? B list artists with a B list introduction love-fest from Elisa Turner. Come on! lest put a little thought into this maybe there is a Miami school of artist but grouping 100 together just because their famous or your friend makes no sense. all it becomes is fluff and historical landfill not and worthwhile discourse. sure I am interested in who is included and what the actual book has to say for itself but it look as though its the usual suspects and usual yawn.

  5. run-on-sentence man    Wed Oct 24, 11:07 AM #  

    Blinky, Art is a subjective thing and I agree that just because something or someone is popular, it does not make it good…but this is what Miami has and these are the folks that have a buzz and/or are selling to collectors…hence some folks wanted to make a book about the popular kids…but who cares? It’s a coffee table book. Why should something like this bother anyone? Do you feel left out? Are you some tortured artist that is under the radar or being re-pressed by our silly art scene? Will your name not go down in history due to this book…what about your art friends…are you writing in their behalf? Or are you just a pissed off art fan that knows the real scoop about the Miami art scene?

    A problem I encounter here in Miami in all the scenes… music, art, magic cards, blogshpere…is that everyone likes to complain, get all negative, and talk scat… but they don’t do anything positive to change things. If you don’t like it blinky…make your own book. This is 2008 where desktop publishing can be done with a little work and some friends… or better yet, create a blog to promote the artist you like and expose the masses to your impeccable taste …or take it to the grassroots and a Kinkos and make a zine that focuses on critical analysis. You will get more results this way than just complaining on a blog with an anonymous handle. Stop hating and start playing. If you think that is too much work, then you are a part of the problem. The only thing that bitching on a blog will accomplish is instigate other jerks like myself to jump in and challenge your assertions.

    So ;), I am curious, who are your a-list artist of Miami?

  6. I'm in it    Thu Oct 25, 06:51 AM #  

    way to go run-on-sentence man !

    Mr. Emoticon has probobly not even seen this book and he is cursing it.
    I have seen it, I am in it and will admit that is not the best book ever made. It already seems dated. I’m happy to have been included but realize that it is not going to change my life in any major significant way.

    So relax Mr. Puntuation face man.

  7. ;)    Thu Oct 25, 07:20 PM #  

    ok, deep breath. I think hating on this book too much may give it too much credit and yes, I haven’t seen it. but there needs to be a critical dialogue were there is none. I love miami and I would love to make a book about miami artists but it is not my place. I am a artist and I moved away to go to grad school. Now that I am in grad school I feel as though I see books like this in miami and all I can say is ok there is another fluffy collection for my artists that is put out by someone who is a miami artist. fine to put it out and all but this is getting old- Miami its time for you to grow up and move out of your parents house and go back to school and learn to read and think and dialogue.

  8. Pam    Fri Oct 26, 07:28 PM #  

    A book is an excellent way to start a dialogue, for that alone this volume should be appreciated, even if not entirely agreed with.

  9. Pietro    Fri Oct 26, 07:47 PM #  

    Mr. ;) , how can this be the usual fluff if there isn’t even any other Miami artists book to compare it to?

    Mr. run-on-sentence, very well said. A book on 100 artists shows that there are some people in Miami that are not just sitting on the sidelines
    bitching. Not mention the authors that took this daunting, subject to stone throwing task. Kudos for them!

  10. alesh    Fri Oct 26, 08:21 PM #  


    I have lots of these sorts of books that devote a couple of pages to each of 100 or so artists, and personally I don’t agree 100% with ANY of them. There are always undeserving entries, glaring omissions, and artists who are represented but woefully misunderstood. I mean, that’s true of the best Phaidon and Taschen surveys.

    So I think you’re exactly correct — what we need now is an opportunistic book investor to get together with Franklin and Oldpro to do the Real Miami Artists book. Then we’ll have a foundation we can build on.

    Or maybe it’ll just be a new medium for the old argument. But the fact remains that no collection of artists completely pleases ANYONE, and so criticism against this book should be seen as part of a natural, healthy process. It’s not “the whole idea of this book is wrong” but “some of my favorite artists got left out.”

    Also, bigups to Gavin Perry, who’s work graces (i think) the cover.

  11. Pam    Sat Oct 27, 12:55 PM #  

    Right on , alesh! This book is just 1 piece of the puzzle, which finally got started!
    Gavin Perry’s work on the cover alone makes it worth seeing the book.

  12. Franklin    Sun Oct 28, 12:19 PM #  

    what we need now is an opportunistic book investor to get together with Franklin and Oldpro to do the Real Miami Artists book. Then we’ll have a foundation we can build on.

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m led to understand that I’m in the Davidow/Clemence book. Someone can correct me on this if I’m mistaken.

    Alas, saving the Miami art world from itself is no longer my job. I agree with Run On, though – if you don’t see what you like out there, make something yourself. That’s where came from. It just starts another round of complaints about what’s out there, but it’s worth doing anyway. There’s something to be said about bitching on your feet instead of bitching on your ass.

    It’s pretty amusing seeing myself lumped in, even if unwittingly, with perceived A-listers, B-listers, or popular kids. It shows you what those kinds of distinctions are worth in the end, and I’m in this art thing for the long haul.