Tuesday October 16, 2007

October gallery hop

bakehouse art complex

Click for slideshow. October second Saturday at Emmanuel Perrotin, the Bakehouse Art Complex, Snitzer, and Dorsch, and more. And can I say: less then two months till Basel. Of course I can.

Update: More pictures of art at dig.

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  1. dreaming    Tue Oct 16, 08:19 PM #  

    the gallery hop is great fun, probably the best thing to do in miami. i only started going in the last few months. of course, i’ll admit that the free booze and food are attractions, too, especially the grolsch beers. mmmmm.

  2. I was there    Tue Oct 16, 09:47 PM #  

    The Wynwood Gallery hop is Dead.

    During this last gallery walk it was apparent that Wynwood is the new South Beach.

    Hundreds of nameless nobodies were creeping from gallery to gallery in search of free booze and cheap snacks.

    The art was watered down, there was no parking and people were staggering around like art zombies.

    It’s sad but true.

  3. tom v    Tue Oct 16, 10:23 PM #  

    hey where can i e mail you?
    it was a busy nite last saturday.

    if you havent seen sara stites new work go visit her at her new studio in wynwood
    2020 nw miami ct i think

    i have something to send you, what is your address?

  4. marlon    Wed Oct 17, 12:47 AM #  

    i cant wait for ART BASEEEEEEL

    all the events and art!

  5. dreaming    Wed Oct 17, 01:25 PM #  

    ‘art zombies’?

    i guess id rather be among art zombies than the usual other types…

    ‘nameless nobodies’?

    so it helps to have a name and be somebody at the gallery hop? i wonder how so?

    ‘watered down’?

    and you see this in response to the event’s popularity? or just that the artists who were formerly cutting are now losing it? i wouldn’t think that is the event’s fault, if true, which i doubt.

    ‘no parking’?

    was there ever?

  6. zombie    Wed Oct 17, 02:33 PM #  

    Any comments on the work people?

    Norberto Rodriguez’s show was refreshing.

  7. Elad    Wed Oct 17, 03:33 PM #  

    I thought Ronald Moran’s multi-part exhibition at Kevin Bruk was both memorable and exciting.

  8. I was there    Wed Oct 17, 07:39 PM #  

    OKAY, I’ll simplify it.

    Most people out at the Saturday gallery crawl seemed to be most eager to only drink the free booze.

    It seems as if South FLorida is nothing but a big wasted party. No Booze=No Fun. Its the SOBE-FICATION of Wynwood.

    I drink and I enjoy drinking and looking at art and speaking to people….but Wynwood Gallery crawl has reached the point that most of the people were out looking for the FREE BOOZE.

    Someone is soon going to end up DEAD, I only hope they see some great art before crashing their car!

  9. alesh    Wed Oct 17, 11:29 PM #  


    I hadn’t realized this was a problem. I had no problem finding booze until 10 pm approached. The secret to free drinks is to arrive early.

    Promise: November I’m going to move as fast as possible, see as much art as possible, take lots of pictures, and we’ll see the results.

    Question: November is still non-overlapping with Basel. BUT it is CLOSER to Basel — does that imply that galleries, on aggregate, will be putting up stuff they care more about?

    In other words, is temporal proximity to Basel correlated with quality?

  10. ;)    Thu Oct 18, 03:05 AM #  

    alesh are you implying Snitzer doesn’t care about Bert? honestly Miami cares more about the Art Party then the Art have you ever visited Snitzer during normal hours? ny gallery walk end at 8pm folks! people there go to the galleries during normal hours as well because there is fun art to look at and enjoy even with out the booze.

  11. I was there    Thu Oct 18, 07:31 AM #  

    I saw free drinks early and late.

    Of course the quality of the hooch gets worse as the night grows longer.

    Fine French wine at Perrotin
    Mediocre Vodka at Kevin Bruk
    So-So wine at Snitzer
    Bottles of beer at Locust
    Cans of Old Milwaukee at Twenty Twenty

    Hangover in the morning.

  12. dreaming    Thu Oct 18, 12:30 PM #  

    comparing nyc w miami is beyond absurd. let’s not even pretend there is the remotest reference….aside from the fact that soho used to sort of be a dump 30 years ago and wynwood still is…if anyone wants to tramp around the hot, dusty streets of wynwood in broad daylight, good luck to them….i prefer dark.

    actually, i live in sobe and i didnt notice anyone at the gallery hop who looked even slightly like the paris hilton wanna-bes infesting sobe….in fact, i wondered where all these interesting looking people are the other 29 nights of each month? evidently, they stay at home and polish their stylish hornrims…

    as for the art, well, some of it appeared to be rather amateurish to my eye, not art basel-ish quality. but then, i like slumming it. and free booze is a very nice magnet indeed, in a city where a can of beer can set you back 10 bucks at the delano pool….