Monday October 15, 2007

Rascal House

Rascal House, photographed in 2005. Closed in 2006. Update: OK, still open, but on its last leg. And the signage is all gone.



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  1. Benjamin    Mon Oct 15, 06:58 PM #  

    Rascal House isn’t closed… I ate there on Friday night.

  2. Gus Moore    Mon Oct 15, 07:36 PM #  

    Hi Benjamin,

    Yes, you’re right, Rascal House is not closed. The restaurant is open 7 days week from 8am to 10pm.

    But Rascal House may be closed this time next year. The Sunny Isles City Commission has given the restaurant’s owners, Jerry’s Famous Deli Inc., the go-ahead to level the landmark restaurant and build a 15-story mixed-use project.

    The owners have 1 more year to begin construction.

    Rascal House
    17190 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33160
    Phone: (305) 947-4581

  3. Obey    Mon Oct 15, 08:54 PM #  

    im at the rascal house now waiting for a take out ruben. Yummy…lets all hope that with the real estate slump the owners deside to keeep this landmark
    also lets get the word that the place is still open for business

  4. mapache    Tue Oct 16, 01:20 PM #  

    it would be a shame if we lost this great place. the sticky buns and the gravy turkeyare fantastic

  5. mkh    Tue Oct 16, 01:28 PM #  

    Corned beef hash, man, the next best thing to sex.

    Okay, not really all that close, but among foodstuffs it is pretty damned great.

  6. DJ_Kremlin    Tue Oct 16, 02:00 PM #  

    mmmm love their matzo ball soup!
    And those pickles!

  7. Wolfie Cohen    Tue Oct 16, 06:58 PM #  

    Closed in 2006.

    The picture is dated 2005. You, obviously, haven’t been by since 2006….

    Great blog post or, should I say, “filler.”

  8. alesh    Tue Oct 16, 07:26 PM #  


    Fine, it’s filler. And no, I haven’t been by since. I drive by all the time, and the absence of the original signage bums me out.

    The food at Wolfie’s and RH was always good, but I’m not really into the huge-portions-and-prices-to-match aesthetic.

  9. Carl Epple    Fri Oct 26, 09:15 AM #  

    Well – I ate at the Rascal House on Oct.24th. 2007 and it sure looks like they are ready to close. It was 12:15 PM and there was a total of maybe 20 customers eating. Remember when you had to stand in line and wait for a table.?? I just could not figure it out and the employees are not talking about what went wrong.