Monday October 15, 2007

Opa-locka bans exposed underwear

Consistently ranked among the highest violent crime rates in the United States, the government of Opa-locka is understandably always on the hunt for practical solutions, but boy have they put their foot in it this time. How about a law that bans baggy pants and exposed boxer shorts. Yeah, the crime rate should be plummeting any second now.

Commissioner Timothy Holmes, the law’s sponsor: “Instead of getting their education, these kids are picking up a style that came from prisons . . . And if they keep it up, although I’d hope not, two-thirds of these people with the pants below their butt will end up in prison.”

This doesn’t even pass the laugh test. I mean, so, the height of your pants determines where you end up in life? I guess Mr. Holmes has his pants up way high, over his belly button, with some tight suspenders. (Not sure, the picture on his official bio page is broken. But note that the bio describes him as “powerful, gifted, and compassionate.”)

Now, I’m glad we have a government that’s not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to keeping our kids out of prison, but I think this law is really just the first step. Next they need a law to ban oversize t-shirts, cornrows, and extravagant jewelry, no? But that’s still a half-measure. I think the only way to guarantee these young people a successful future is city-ordained uniforms and crew cuts.

What’s particularly disturbing is that the law’s framers have practically admitted that it does no good — the only enforcement if a cop tells you to pull up your pants and you refuse is that they can remove you from public property. Yeah, that shouldn’t lead to anyone getting unduly harassed by police.

Civil liberties, Mr. Holmes. Look it up. If you can’t come up with any real solutions for the citizens of your city, do them a favor and resign. Laying down idiot laws to criminalize something that doesn’t hurt anyone is deeply, profoundly wrong. It’s worse then attacking the symptom rather then the root of a problem — it’s an attack that’s sometimes near the problem. And I’d note that this is another law that would only stand a chance in Bush’s Fascist America 2.0 (“When you’ve surrendered the big rights, you hardly notice the little ones”).

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  1. Steve    Mon Oct 15, 09:24 AM #  

    Excellent post. Evidently common sense was banned in Opa Locka some time ago. BTW, did he really say “&nbsp” (second paragraph)? How do you pronounce that?

  2. alesh    Mon Oct 15, 09:40 AM #  

    Dang it, don’t type that, Steve! You’ll ruin my validation and crash the internets!!

  3. tjl    Mon Oct 15, 10:36 AM #  

    BRAVO! BRAVO! You put this beautifully!!

  4. DJ_Kremlin    Mon Oct 15, 11:15 AM #  

    I’m sorry, but civil liberties my ass.
    Ever heard of public decency? I don’t want to see some pants hanging around the crotch thug in my neighborhood! I agree with the ban, and I think that it should be much stronger. If you’re outside wearing pants like a hood, you get picked up and jailed for being a public nuisance. I’ve yet to see anyone who wears their pants in this manner who was not a ghetto hood rat with a definite interest in breaking the law one way or another.

    Sorry, if my opinion is a bit radical and right wing, but it is what it is.

  5. anonymous    Mon Oct 15, 11:38 AM #  

    well, i think that people that are known Djs should be frisked for weed as well. don’t all Djs smoke it with their headphones and all that

  6. DJ_Kremlin    Mon Oct 15, 01:11 PM #  

    Sure, whatever. If that is what society believes, then I don’t see a problem to getting frisked. Especially since, I’ll prove them wrong. I never Carry on me!!!

    Look, maybe I’m generalizing, but as I said, it is what it is.

    Plus, to your point, or lack there of, my caring weed in my pocket, doesn’t affect anyone except myself. The dropped drawers, affects everyone who has to look at it.

  7. Franklin    Mon Oct 15, 01:30 PM #  

    The dropped drawers, affects everyone who has to look at it.

    Affects them how? Do tell.

  8. alesh    Mon Oct 15, 01:47 PM #  


    If someone had their pants hanging low and no underwear on, exposing their ass crack, you still wouldn’t have a claim. As it stands, your perspective goes a bit beyond right-wing.

    Even it it was true that everyone who wore their pants low was a criminal (which is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard), outlawing it would be counterproductive and offensive.

    Hey, people were offended by the Beatles’ haircuts in 1964. Would you have supported a law enforcing short hair for all men?

    If not, kindly explain the difference.

  9. b.a.c.    Mon Oct 15, 02:05 PM #  

    Hey when elvis shook that money maker people were calling for his head! We live in the most ass backwards political city in the nation, which Kremlin reinforces.

  10. Nick Fury    Mon Oct 15, 02:07 PM #  

    DJ Kremlin…comrade…the name suits you. What kind of commie-fascist world do you live in? Do you think by nabbing all baggy pants off the streets crime is going to disappear? You can’t assume someone is guilty of crimes just because they have bad fashion sense. What about the kids that have baggy pants but aren’t gangsters? What about all the gangsters that don’t wear baggy pants? What about all the white suburban kids that use this fashion and their biggest crime is wanting to be hip…will they be arrested as well, or do those laws only work in the ghetto?

    Freedom of speech/freedom of expression means everyone can express their opinions, even if you don’t like it… and you have the right to agree/disagree, just like I’m doing right now with your comment. But creating laws and starting to profile a person based on something as stupid as this is when we let the powers that be lead us to an Orwellian nightmare. As for your proclamation of it being indecent exposure, aren’t these kids wearing boxers? You must never go to the south beach where the bougie dudes wear Speedos and their girlfriends go topless… that is much more indecent than kids in boxers. Get a grip and take a sip of tolerance. Your comment sounds more racist than a conservative statement… but if the Klan has the right to march in their white robes; you have the same right to give us your opinion and I have every right to disobey any or all grammar rules.

  11. DJ_Kremlin    Mon Oct 15, 02:42 PM #  

    To all:
    I do support profiling, sorry.
    I do believe that with proper profiling crime in fact would drop.

    Yes these types of things have to be handled on a one by one basis, some may wear baggy pants just because they want to be hip, however, this “hip” style is the style of punks and ghetto gangsters. Thus, kids who are so called harmlessly wearing the style, should at the very least, understand one point. You look like a gangster, you’ll be treated like a gangster by the cops.

    I personally, and this is just my opinion, think that this “style” is disgusting, I don’t have a problem with bare titted honeys on the beach. But I do have a problem with the whole gangster get up.

    Plus, if it’s an adult wearing his pants at his crotch, fine, whatever, but kids have to be regulated. Kids can still be molded into normal people and not ghetto thugs.

    Freedom of speech/expression has nothing to do with what you’re saying. It is probably the most misinterpreted of all the rights.

    Freedom of speech simply means that a person can peacefully protest against the government without persecution. That’s it. If we were to interpret the right as you, then we can all paint our selves purple and run around naked in front of elementary schools. Free speech has restrictions that we all abide by daily. We don’t scream fire in a crowded theater, we don’t run around naked in public (except for designated areas) We don’t publicly make racially motivated slurs, as this is considered a hate crime. Well, in my humble opinion, wearing pants at crotch level, with or without boxers is a public nuisance. What and how they wear in their homes is one thing, but once your out in the public eye, you’re subject to public scrutiny.

    As you pointed out, the suburban white kids. Well who the hell said that wearing your pants like this is hip.

    Just because some rap spewing ghetto “artist” dropped his drawers 6” means it’s hip.

    Where the hell did individuality go? See if this was one kid, or a few kids, wearing this “style” it would be okay, I’d argue against censorship of the “style” as it relates to the few people’s individuality, but when you have a whole country full of gang banger posers, well…. It’s definitely not individuality.

    As you so rightfully pointed out, I have a right to my opinion and you have a right to yours. We have a right to disagree with each other and that’s why we’re all here. As far as asking what kind of commie-fascist world I live in?

    Dude, I’m a Russian Jew who escaped persecution from the Soviet Union in the 80s. I know quite a bit about REAL persecution and restrictive laws. I also know that people DO need to be governed to a certain degree.

    Soviet Russia held it’s people by the balls. If you ever said the wrong thing, or looked at the wrong person, or if you were born into the wrong family, you could have been killed. And nobody would ever be the wiser. This is a horrible way to control people, and that amongst numerous other reasons is why myself and many others fled that country.

    On the other hand, you can’t have complete anarchy, you can’t completely not control your people. As I said, homeboy wants to wear his pants like that in the privacy of a home, sure. But once you’re in public, you have to conform to some sort of public standard.

    To make one thing clear:
    Not everyone who wears their pants that way is a criminal. However, they do have a desire to be a criminal bad ass. As someone said, they want to be hip, and the gangster look is hip. So these people, may not be committing crimes, but do want to look as if they are!

    I still say bust them. Don’t want to be busted, get a belt!

    Anyhow, I’m board of this subject.

  12. DJ_Kremlin    Mon Oct 15, 02:53 PM #  

    Your point I wanted to address separately.

    No I would not support short hair for all.

    What’s the difference, well… simple.

    The longer hair was never associated with violent crime. The pants are.

    The hair did not originate in prison… the pants did.

    Hey you know, in prison, people carry shanks… doe’s that mean it’s okay for everyone, including kids, to start carrying shanks?

    If not, please explain what’s the difference.

  13. Tovarish Beria    Mon Oct 15, 04:26 PM #  

    “It is probably the most misinterpreted of all the rights.”

    As youu have illustrated perfectly.

  14. DJ_Kremlin    Mon Oct 15, 05:22 PM #  

    Tovarish Beria – Cute!

    If there is one right prized above all others in a democratic society, it is freedom of speech. The ability to speak one’s mind, to challenge the political orthodoxies of the times, to criticize the policies of the government without fear of recrimination by the state is the essential distinction between life in a free country and in a dictatorship.

    That has nothing to do with looking like a ghetto pile of shit!

  15. ines    Mon Oct 15, 11:13 PM #  

    Ok putting this whole joke aside, how is the police supposed to enforce this? Absolutely absurd. Start enforcing uniforms in schools not the city and then we’ll talk.

  16. Biscayne Bystander    Tue Oct 16, 05:10 AM #  

    Yo DJ Putin

    Even you had to conceed that “not everyone who wears their pants that way is a criminal.” Laws in America are created to govern everyone without discrimination (the only exception being Terri Schiavo). Profiling, or as you suggest, racial profiling will only cost the taxpayers of Opa-Locka more grief than could possibly be spared through enforcement.

    While you were quick to save the “suburban white kids” from automatic jailtime for their attire, you were clearly less leanent for “thugs, hoods, ghetto piles of shit, homeboys and ghetto hood rats”. Why spare the Wankstas? Why are people of color exclusively the target of your incessant attacks?

    That 420 you’ve been (illegally) enjoying seems to give you the impression that you are above the law. Thankfully our Administration and Drug Czar prepared this PSA for people like you. Marijuana funds terrorism!

    According to these reports from the Washington Post, PBS and BBC, Miami is overrun with the Russian mob! I’m sure the guys from that last article were just a couple of nice, white, suburan kids who got caught up trying to fence nuclear weapons on the black market – but at least they wore belts!

    признайте, что Вы – расист

  17. Nick Fury    Tue Oct 16, 10:09 AM #  

    You seem to have deeper issues with folks who come from the ghetto. Why do you hate black people?

    “Freedom of speech/expression has nothing to do with what you’re saying.”

    Comrade, it has to do with everything I’m saying. You cannot compare screaming fire and causing hysteria with wearing your pants to your knees. That is an obtuse observation. I’ve never seen a fashion trend that can cause harm to others, unless the pants are covered in razor blades and shoot out short range missiles, which is what the cops should really be looking for. Just because you have a “problem” with them, does not mean they should be illegal. Hell, I have serious problems with guys that wear D+G glasses…but I tolerate those metrosexuals and let those folks look like idiots. It is their right. So to review, a person wearing baggy trousers does not infringe on your rights as an American whatsoever, so it really shouldn’t be any of your business on how these kids dress. Profiling on something as dumb as this will cause more problems than solve. Remember, the pants don’t make the man.

    Anyhoo, I’m going to go paint my self blue and run naked in front of Lourdes Academy.

  18. DJ_Kremlin    Tue Oct 16, 12:28 PM #  

    Biscayne Bystander – Vobshem net… Read the following for clarity.

    Nick Fury – Look, you make a valid point of course and I did say in my original post that my views are somewhat extreme. I’ve never denied that. As to black people, I’m not going to generalize; there are many wonderful black people. Many of whom are better human beings than many whites. However, the conversation is about the dropped pant wearing wannabe or not wannabe thugs. How does this look affect me? Well simple. In a very chaotic world, where outside influences are abundant (both good and bad), most of us have to work, most of our significant others have to work, and as hard as we try to teach our kids what we believe is right, a lot of that teaching is left to schools, who as we all know are basically incompetent baby sitters.

    This is just one of those outside influences that I believe is bad. Yes it came from Rap artists, before them prisoners.

    Don’t you see that this style, in a way, glorifies the gangster way of life, which will almost never lead to anything productive. Granted it’s my job to filter this outside influence from my child’s life, but when both Mom and Dad have to work long hours just to maintain some soft of normality in our own lifestyle a little help from the governing forces would be helpful. Granted, the root of the problem is not the kids in the streets, it’s the gangster rappers that promote this shit. But a message has to be sent.

    Sure the best solution would be if the government cut property taxes, started really funding alternative fuel research and development. Or if not cut taxes then adequately fund our schools and hire good teachers as opposed to the mostly shit that is now our public educators Bla bla bla, there is so much that can be done to make life easier on the average middle class family. We hear all this talk about the poorest of the poor and all that jazz, the funny thing is, the poorest of the poor are better off than the middle class (WORKING CLASS) because the poor get the government handouts, they get their section 8, the welfare, food stamps and free clinics. What does the working class get?
    Jack shit! The poor, if they wanted to, could go get a job. The working class people have busted their assess for decades and are getting the shaft.

    It’s funny, but it almost seems that it’s great to be rich and it’s great to be poor, but to be middle class is a pain in the ass.

    But I digress.

    Back to my point, when we as the average working class family, have to make huge concessions to survive in any level of normalcy, I don’t see a huge problem with some government help in curbing some of the bad influence that is out there. They banned smoking in public places, you’ll say second hand smoke is damaging to people. Sure, I agree, but many don’t agree, and the debate on that has been ongoing for years. Even many scientists and doctors don’t’ agree. Well with this it’s no different. Today we say, that guy wearing the baggy pants, dropped around his dick is disgusting but not harmful to anyone. Well, what about the fragile psyche of a child? The child sees this, sees the “cool” in it because it’s glorified by artists etc… starts to wear the style… well just as with every style, there is a lifestyle that goes with it. Sure some don’t follow the associated lifestyle, we call these people posers. But the ones that do follow it, will end up using drugs, potentially running with gangs so on and so on.

    And you know that that’s true:
    Let’s review some other popular styles from years past:

    1. Torn jeans, leather jackets and wallets on chains – Was associated for years with metal bands, drug use, anarchy and rebellion.
    2. Tidied shirts baggy skater like pants, painted hair and multi colored plastic accessories – Associated for years with mind altering drug use, ecstasy and underground rave parties.
    The above hold true, most everyone I’ve known who has followed these styles also followed the lifestyle. They go together hand in hand.

    I can certainly bring up more examples, but I think you get the point.

    I’m not saying that we all should walk around in uniforms and all look the same, no, but that is where profiling comes in. I still don’t see the problem with profiling. You and others on this blog have referred to me in negative toned ex-soviet names and slurs. That’s fine, I know where I come from, I also know that I hate most everything that USSR stood for and for what Putin stands for now. Now that truly is the reincarnation of Stalin himself. But as many have so kindly profiled me on this blog, It doesn’t bother me, because I know who I am, and that’s the only thing that matters.

  19. l'elk!    Tue Oct 16, 04:07 PM #  

    if you start enforcing laws that prosecuting people for having a physical appearance similar to someone who has the POTENTIAL to commit a crime, then you are creating more criminal activity than you are preventing.

    let us make up a scenario:

    little bobby wants to be cool. little bobby is young and foolish. he decides to wear his baggy pants down and expose his boxers because he feels he identifies with the rappers dressed like that in the videos and even though he knows it is illegal, he does it anyway because he is frustrated that the authorities are suppressing his natural right to self expression that everyone else in the country enjoys. little bobby gets arrested for this. he now has a criminal record. little bobby has a hard time getting a good job now. he resorts to crime to make ends meet. now, little bobby might have gotten over wearing his baggy pants around his ankles in a year or two but now he is wearing them down like that with everyone else in his prison cell block.

  20. DJ Kremlin    Tue Oct 16, 07:06 PM #  

    No one is saying incarcerate and throw away the key. What I’m saying is yes drag them to the station, have their parents come and pick them up and pay a fine. After that, chances are, the parents will really step in. Plus, little Bobby, will see how “cool” it is to be thrown in a holding tank at the station. Get my point.

  21. Alex    Tue Oct 16, 09:53 PM #  

    Chances are the parents will step in??? Little Bobby will see how “cool” it is to be thrown in a holding tank???

    Are you really that naive? Let me clue you on a couple things: little Bobby stay in the tank will give him the street cred he’s seeking and his parents, if they are inclined to be involved in the first place, now will have to deal with Bobby’s arrest record. Idiotic ordinances like this are viewed on the street as what they are, an attempt to control and dominate young men who are seen as problematic. And if you tell people they look like criminals and treat them like criminals, don’t be surprised if they become criminals. That though love approach only works with the wannabes from middle class suburbia.

  22. D. Whitman    Wed Oct 17, 02:08 PM #  

    Mr. Kremlin is right. I agree with his right wing point of view, particularly in light of what happened at the walgreen’s in Biscayne and 33 last night / this morning. I’m sorry with anyone’s liberal sensibilities but if I see anyone walk into a place of business I’m at looking thuggish or with a ski mask, I am going to take an appropriate defensive posture, and excercise my 2nd amendment rights. Civil liberties, crying black mommas on tv “My baby aint neva hurt nobody”, or liberal apologists be damned. Thank God for Gov. Bush and the “Stand your Ground” law!

    BY the way, we do need to start excercising racial profiling. Statistically, young black males tend to be the prevailing criminal element. There’s no trouble like this in Israel, where authorities do practice profiling. As the saying goes, if it walks like a duck, talks like a know the rest!

  23. DJ_Kremlin    Wed Oct 17, 05:28 PM #  

    Mr. Whitman,

    Thank you for understanding my point.
    Unfortunately the liberal leftists have a very difficult time accepting the truth.


  24. D. Whitman    Wed Oct 17, 06:42 PM #  

    Thanks for your compliment, DJ.

    I wouldn’t mind paying a little more, if stores hire a security guard – even unarmed – and disable the automatic door opener after a certain time. Even unarmed, that security guard would have the discretion to open that door or not. Even if the hoodlums are armed, a door still buys store managers some time to either call the police, or an armed citizen to prepare.

    God Bless the NRA; Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition, and damn the ACLU, NAACP or any other liberal apologists!

  25. Biscayne Bystander    Wed Oct 17, 07:02 PM #  

    See, my problem with you guys is that you favor institutionalized racism. The Walgreens Mr Whiteman brought up (sans link) is coincidentally across from TWO drug rehab clinics (1 & 2. There have been 16 armed robberies since May in pharmacies throughout South Florida. Bank robberies have also risen in our community. Yet no reports on the perpetrator’s ass crack.

    Whiteman – I’m glad you were able to voice your bigotry-laced rant as it exposed you for your ignorance. It is your kind of weak minded thinking that erodes the “Americana” values that once made this country the envy of the world.

    DJ Putin – You still haven’t admitted that you are a racist. Admitting your problem is the first step in healing.

  26. D. Whitman    Wed Oct 17, 07:33 PM #  

    Racism makes sense. The ‘Americana’ values you talked about..crime wasnt that prevalent in the 50’s when blacks were kept to their side of the tracks.

  27. Biscayne Bystander    Wed Oct 17, 08:08 PM #  

    Thank you for proving my point.

    Kill yourself.

  28. D. Whitman    Thu Oct 18, 12:40 AM #  

    So you would let a black guy walk into a store and rob you of your hard earned money? You wouldn’t stand up for what’s yours?

    Tell me Biscayne, do you have such little regard for your life that you don’t wear your seatbelt when you get in your car? What about washing your hands before you eat? Or..or…putting up shutters and buying bottled water when Channel 7 says a hurricane’s coming?

    Those actions are called self-preservation..covering your own ass! I’m not advocating harming hard working decent people; I mean Shaq’s black and he’s a cop..there are a couple of black guys in my office. The difference is, they are actually WORKING for a living, not dressing – and BEING- hoodlums.

    Just a little hoodlum control, backed up by statistical analysis, as well as protecting yourself.

    That’s all I advocate.

  29. Steve    Thu Oct 18, 09:08 AM #  

    BB: Give it up, my friend. You’re wasting your time on these two, and besides, I suspect — I hope — D Whiteman is just yanking your chain. “Racism makes sense“? Nobody could be this imbecilic and still operate a computer keyboard.

    Among my favorite axioms from Father O’Reilly (St David Church in Davie) is, “There’s no sense in wrestling with a pig. You can’t win, you get all covered in shit, and besides, the pig likes it.”

    And then there’s the bright side. You’ve helped these two expose themselves for the vile specimens of deluded bias they are. They’re the shit in the crack of the exposed ass of the saggie-lads.

  30. DJ_Kremlin    Thu Oct 18, 09:43 AM #  

    I’m not racist. At all actually, however, the perception that D. Whitman has is caused by the ethnic communities themselves.

    Let’s put our differences aside for a second and look at it this way.

    Traditionally, which neighborhoods have the highest crime rates?
    Ethnic ones, especially black neighborhoods, such as, Liberty City FL, Camden NJ, Harlem NY, Mattapan MA, Compton CA, I can keep going.

    I don’t have a problem with anyone of any skin color, creed, sexual orientation, whatever, it doesn’t matter to me. I have a problem with thugs, wannabe thugs and such.

    The example that D. Whitman brought up is valid but one sided, with all due respect to Mr. Whitman, if ANY ONE of any color tries to rob me, I’m fighting!

    Now closer to my point, by continuing the violence in their own neighborhoods, these people contribute much more to racism than anyone else. Groups such as the KKK have been spewing racist and anti-Semitic garb for decades, yet they contribute much less to the racism that exists today.

    If true leaders in these communities actually took responsibility, admitted that they have a problem, stopped acting like victims of the white man and cleaned up their neighborhoods, racism would be almost a memory in a generation or two.

    Think about it… Look at me, you think I’m a racist. I have many friends of all races, I could care less about their skin color because they are good professional people, who make a very positive contribution to the country. My friend Patrick, when he was applying to study at and for student loans for Columbia, he refused to mark his race on any and all documents because he did not want to have any favoritism due to affirmative action. He wanted to know that he got in because of him and not his color. Patrick is black. I have the most respect for him, he refused to be different from the white man, he is a man as we all are.

    This is why we have racism. I don’t hate black people. I hate thugs, I hate people who are still blaming me for something that happened decades ago before I was even a thought in my fathers mind.

    I’ve ranted on may occasions that I don’t want to see public money going to ghettos, and social programs for the “poor”. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a senior citizen or have a debilitating disease or are handicapped, by all means, collect the public money, and be supported by public money. What I have a problem with is the young, healthy, strong individuals who would rather slang dope on the corner, rob, etc… and then collect a welfare check and live in public housing.

    So no I won’t admit to being a racist, because I’m not a racist. It doesn’t matter to me what color you are, if you’re scum, your scum.
    If the ghettos cleaned them selves up, made a true effort to educate their children and so on. ALL OF US would be better off.

    The problem is though, you have a majority of the ghetto residents with the following attitude:

    We aint gonna conform to no white mans world.


    America is very equal opportunity, more so than any other country.
    White or black or brown or yellow or red or green or purple, everyone has an equal opportunity, you just have to want it, grab it, and run with it.

  31. Alex    Thu Oct 18, 10:16 AM #  

    D. Whitman. Cute.

  32. D. Whitman    Fri Oct 19, 01:26 AM #  

    Gee..what a surprise

  33. alesh    Fri Oct 19, 11:15 AM #  


    Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you on your original rant (#11 and 12). Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you coming on here and sharing your perspective, at least in part because there are quite a few people who feel the way you do. But look — you’ve got a completely warped idea of the freedoms that this country stands for. Example:

    Freedom of speech simply means that a person can peacefully protest against the government without persecution. That’s it. . . . Well, in my humble opinion, wearing pants at crotch level, with or without boxers is a public nuisance. What and how they wear in their homes is one thing, but once your out in the public eye, you’re subject to public scrutiny.

    Look, if you want to argue that wearing your pants low is in fact NOT hip, and that kids SHOULDN’T do it, more power to you. But having laws against this sort of thing is precisely the opposite of what our country is based on. You’re basically saying that YOU are the moral authority, and anything that you don’t like should be outlawed. Get a grip!

    Also: long hair in the 60’s sure was associated with crime. Look it up.

    Even if I agreed with your assertions that our culture is corrupting kids and it needs to be cleaned up, this is EXACTLY the wrong way to go about it. You DON’T attack the symptom — you figure out what the root causes are and try to fix those. Hint: banning something is almost NEVER productive. It may lead to apparent order, but the disorder you’re subverting is going to bubble up somewhere else, and it’s going to be even more destructive.

    It’s funny, but it almost seems that it’s great to be rich and it’s great to be poor, but to be middle class is a pain in the ass.

    Yes, you poor poor dear. EVERYONE has got it better then you, don’t they? I’m no psychologist, but if I were I’d probably say you’re expressing your self-loathing by lashing out at everyone around you.

    Torn jeans, leather jackets and wallets on chains . . . Tidied [sic] shirts baggy skater like pants, painted hair and multi colored plastic accessories

    Wait . . . am I understanding you correctly that you’d support bans on those styles, too??