Tuesday October 9, 2007

Spencer Tunick shoot photo by Luciano Bove

One more photo, by Luciano Bove, from the Spencer Tunick shoot. Sorry, I can’t resist the pink.



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  1. Duran    Tue Oct 9, 02:17 PM #  

    I fail to see how this is any different from your regular day at South Beach. And isn’t this whole “taking a enormous group of people naked in a public place” thing getting kind of old? Really, he needs to find a new dance to do because I’m not finding it amusing anymore.

  2. me    Tue Oct 9, 02:26 PM #  

    I have a hard time resisting the pink too.

  3. PUNish me    Tue Oct 9, 02:47 PM #  

    Funny that he chose the “SAG a more” as a location.

    I prefer a little less sag.

  4. b.a.c.    Tue Oct 9, 03:27 PM #  

    In terms of nakedness this reminds me of the beaches in Spain…..And the chick on the far right of the pic isn’t sagging at all.

  5. Luciano    Tue Oct 9, 04:56 PM #  

    Hi guys thanks for taking a part of my post on you great blog!
    Just to remember I found the photos on corriere.it at the bottom of their home page and found it very artistic and “promising”…



    a blog about Design and Emotions

  6. otto    Tue Oct 9, 05:07 PM #  

    The Sag a more, actually commissioned the piece.

  7. R.    Tue Oct 9, 08:08 PM #  

    is it just me or do all the women in this pic have exceptionally huge asses?