Tuesday October 9, 2007

Misogyny from around the web

Two case studies:

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  1. Magnificent Mama    Tue Oct 9, 07:37 AM #  

    Yeah, we use the handcuffs and blindfolds on shallow gonads such as above; it makes it easier when we feed them to the alligators. They don’t struggle as much since they think they’re about to get off.

    It’s so fun ridding the world of idiot cockbags; it’s a hedonistic vice!

  2. Steve    Tue Oct 9, 09:19 AM #  

    Why is this “mysogyny?”

  3. alesh    Tue Oct 9, 10:39 AM #  

    Steve~ If you were at least familiar enough with the word to get the spelling right, you could look it up.

  4. Steve    Tue Oct 9, 10:52 AM #  

    Okay, let’s make it easy to answer as opposed to avoid: Why is this “hatred of women”?

  5. Not Yer Mama    Tue Oct 9, 11:09 AM #  

    Ugh. Feature writing lately has been such disgust. Especially features about Miami. Shallow AND hedonistic… yep, I’d say that pretty much sums up ALL Miami women. From the moms sorting clothes at the textile warehouses, to those on the never-ending subsidized housing wait list, to those living under the overpasses downtown, to social workers, to volunteers, to bus drivers, to school teachers. Shallow, trite bitches, all of them.

  6. Biscayne Bystander    Tue Oct 9, 12:58 PM #  

    You say Misogyny, I say female empowerment.

  7. Steve    Tue Oct 9, 04:20 PM #  

    If I read the statistics correctly, 2 of 10 New York women would NOT consider using a blindfold during a sexual encounter. I suspect these would be the same 20% who would decline one before a firing squad as well. A tough bunch indeed.

  8. latinbombshell    Tue Oct 9, 11:45 PM #  

    Shallowest AND most hedonistic? Oh, for pete’s sake!